Teachings of Haidakhan Babaji | 5 part




When there is a nuclear war and a bomb lands, say in Bombay, all people, including the devotees, will die. What do you mean by "saving them through the mantra?"

Shree Babaji answers:

The fear of death is born with man, though this is the only thing he knows is certain to happen to him. Attachment to material things make man cling to life. When you chant the Name of the Divine, when you are one with the Divine, you accept death. While you are attached to life and afraid of death, you die with that fear and that weight clinging to you. If you have attained liberation you are free from death (you accept the inevitable). You die without fear and by remembering the Name of God, your soul leaves the body free of that fear and attachment. If you are reborn, your soul is still free from that fear. If you die in "unity", you are free from rebirth, unless you will it.

24 DECEMBER 1982

I congratulate and bless all who have assembled here from so many countries at this auspicious time. Today is a most happy and sacred day. Here, at Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham, people belonging to many religions and faiths have assembled to celebrate, with great religiosity, the birthday of Lord Christ. Devotees and lovers of Christ have given their labour, body, mind, and soul to enhance this celebration.

This is an auspicious occasion of historical importance. Today all are blessed. Your body, mind and soul all have been purified. You have come with faith, love and devotion, as you have in past years, to celebrate the birthday of Lord Christ with great enthusiasm.

There is but one instruction to give. There should be humanity in you. People of all countries should unite with each other as brothers. All of you must be happy and healthy and appreciate the joy of life. The highest thing in the world is karma-hard work. Idleness makes man lifeless.

Spread this message in your country-spread the light of righteousness to the hearts of others. Let the seed of human love and humanity which is in you flower and be fruitful. Organized powers are always stronger than individual ones. Let the message of this organization be spread in the whole world. The Vedas proclaim-"grow wise and learn; awake your countrymen."

Remove hatred and jealousy from the heart. The same thing has been repeatedly written in the Bible and spoken through Christ. Where there is jealousy and hatred, there is no religion. If there had been humanity in people, there would have been no necessity of making atom bombs. Years before, people would have left righting weapons.

All of you have sacrificed your body, mind and soul in increasing the beauty of Hairakhan. In the making, in working here, all of you have invested your energy and have worked so hard and this Vishwa Mahadham is your soul. The structure of this place is now in all of you. You are responsible for the structure.

May all of you be happy. Live together and live peacefully. The divine message from the great rishis of olden times has not been successful up to this time. In the Treta Yuga, there was the incarnation of Shri Ram and in Dwapara Yuga, there was the incarnation of Shri Krishna. Even after the great war of Mahabharata, the unrighteous were prevailing and innocent people were molested. So the blessings of great rishis-that all people be happy-was not fulfilled, even in those times. But in taking the OM NAMAḤ ŚIVĀYA mantra as a base, we have great hope that people from so many countries who have come here will go back and that the holy vibration will go with them, and everywhere there will be peace.

26 DECEMBER 1982

I am happy to see you here and bless you and congratulate you for coming and organizing and making this celebration so successful. The seeds of righteousness have been sown in your hearts for you to kindle the hearts of others. I seek the general good of all people in the world. You must do all work to perfect humanity. By saving humanity, everyone will be saved.

Individual leaders have spread poison throughout the world. I want this poison removed. Learn to love your religion and consider yourself a soldier of your country. Feel this in your heart. You must work to elevate humanity and eradicate pride, jealousy and hatred. Today humanity is in great danger and there exists no security of person or wealth. The problem is not of one nation but of the whole universe. Unite in an organization to achieve power by gaining the goodwill of the majority of the people at present.

Unite in love to elevate yourselves. Each one of you must vow today to sacrifice everything to obtain oneness with yourself. Be rid of attachment in your heart and be ready for the sake of righteousness to jump into the flames and water of life. Be prepared to burn your very bones, if necessary, to secure the public good and righteousness.

Time and again you are told that idleness is like death and will destroy you. An idle man is a burden to this earth, so each of you must work hard. Spend your time in working. Work is life. Work is worship. A man who spends his time in idleness is like a dead man. The time is coming when you will have to be working to be saved.

In this world, change is going on every minute. What we feel or do in this moment will be changed in the next. The time will come where there will be big cities where there was sea and sea where there were cities. You are intelligent and know these things, so there is no need to tell you more about it.

Karma yoga is the highest religious practice of this time and will liberate you. The scriptures declare that at the end of each Yuga only Karma Yoga will help you.

Lord Ram incarnated and there was a war between Ram and Ravana that took 14 days. In Krishna's incarnation, there was war for 18 days. In this Yuga, the destruction will come within the flicker of an eye. This destruction will be such that those sleeping will be left sleeping, those standing will be left standing. The whole world will be transformed like this. In this destruction everything will finish; nothing will remain the same. You should therefore leave your attachment to the world. Only repetition of God's name will be useful for you; otherwise it is hopeless. God's names are more powerful than a thousand atomic and hydrogen bombs. Help yourself by repeating the Lord's name. All of you know that God's name is the highest thing. Why do you attach your minds to the transitory things in this world? Why do you not spend your time in meditation and in repeating the Lord's name? Attach yourself to God. Be brave and always walk on. There will be many mountains to cross, but do not stop until the goal is reached. Be strong and never feel disheartened.

5 JANUARY 1983

Everybody must come in time to darshan, kirtan and aarati. Manage your time effectively, so you are prompt. When you go back to the West, do aarati and kirtan at proper times. Everybody can do aarati and puja at this home. I dislike idleness and gossiping. You have taken this birth on Earth to work. Work hard! After death, what will you show to God? Not only here, but wherever you are, work hard!

Shri Babaji to the Italians:

Don't use intoxicating drugs, but learn from Gora Devi's devotion and purity. Why do you travel here so far from your home, yet to lose yourself in drugs? It is strictly forbidden to use drugs and you must leave if you do so, because there is no progress; you remain the same.

Once upon a time Rome was the highest city of all; then it degenerated. Don't repeat history in Hairakhan.

You must learn not to use drugs, so you can teach others not to use them.



7 JANUARY 1983

During Evening Darshan

In the evening during darshan, Shree Babaji told that soon in America people will get a form of disease which they will be unable to stop and which will cause death. Some will vomit themselves to death, still others will bleed to death from cuts which will not stop bleeding. There is no sure prevention and there will be no cure. He recommends fasting as the best means of avoidance.

These diseases will spread from America to all parts of the world.

Later that evening Shree Babaji called another devotee and told him that he should tell people in the area around Haldwani and elsewhere in India, that soon there would be an epidemic of deadly malaria, impossible to cure. To prevent this malaria, people should take anti malaria pills every week. He directed that this announcement should be published in the Haldwani newspapers and also in the USA.


9 JANUARY 1983

All of you must learn to be disciplined. Be alert 24 hours a day. If you are not disciplined and idle your time away, there is no point of coming to Hairakhan.

All must vow to always work and serve, think good and do good keep-good thoughts in your mind.

According to my plan, liberation will come only to those who practise karma yoga. There have been many yogas-bhakti yoga, gyaha yoga, prem yoga-but in this time only karma yoga can benefit you.

I instruct you to always spend your time industriously. Whatever work you do, do it in the name of Babaji. Whatever money comes to you, spend it for good purposes.

I say all this in the service of humanity. To work, think good, and dedicate your life to Humanity is the best. The only necessity of this Yoga is karma yoga through service.

Everybody must spread this message. More and more people must be acquainted with these thoughts and teachings. Each comer of the world must awaken to these words. It is My desire that there be harmony in the universe. My plan is one of love-one where the lion and the goat can drink from the same well.

I dislike idleness. Hard work will benefit you. When the time comes, you must be prepared to do any kind of work that comes to you.



16 JANUARY 1983

Every day you are given teachings.

A General Body Meeting will be held on February 25. More and more people must take part in these meetings.

All of you who are here, from all countries, must vow to spread the message of Babaji. Help those who are deceived and show them the path of righteousness. Societies today have degenerated greatly; you must help elevate them. Inspire them that work is the highest thing.

Walk on with courage and bravery. Go on working to improve humankind and establish the Path of Truth. I want a creation full of brave and courageous people and you should make the next generation brave and courageous too. I am against non-violence that makes a human being a coward. Fight for truth! To face life, you must have great courage every day.

Many times I have told you that by karma alone will I give you liberation.

A change in the world is coming soon. Change is nothing new; it is the law of nature.

The rhythm is that those who are born must die and those who die must be born. We must face the coming destruction in the world with courage. I want you to be very alert and careful. Be ready to face the world.

Think good - Be good - Do good.


22 JANUARY 1983

After the evening aarati, while bhajans were being sung, Babaji encouraged people to dance around the temple. About 25 people danced for ten or fifteen minutes. Later, Babaji said:

Just as all of you danced around the temple, so in your city, or village, or country you must dance around the temple, or the murti, or a photograph of Baba, in groups, chanting kirtan and Om Namaḥ Śivāya loudly at least once a month. Throughout the world, Om Namaḥ Śivāya must be spread in this manner. No place must be without the name of Om Namaḥ Śivāya; on every street, in every house it must be spread.

This Om Namaḥ Śivāya is like nectar; feed everyone with this nectar. Shri Mahaprabhuji wishes that all words would disappear from this world, except for three- Om Namaḥ Śivāya. This is the original mantra. When Primordial Energy first appeared, the first mantra that She uttered from Her holy mouth was Om Namaḥ Śivāya.

Shri Mahaprabhuji wants to transform men, who are like devils these days, into Gods.

Shri Mahaprabhuji never hates any caste or creed; He only hates inhumanity. One can follow any religion, one can follow any religion, one can follow any practice or path, but one must be humane. At present, it is a most necessary thing for the world to become human, this is the first step. Shri Mahaprabhuji wants cooperation from you; by following His teachings, you must try to become humane. Every human being must promise with a true heart that he will cooperate with Babaji, He shall help him to be humane. This is the only service Shri Mahaprabhuji demands of you.

Remove unrighteousness from the world. Even if you have to shed blood like a river, you must be prepared to do any act to protect righteousness on the earth. Righteousness can only be saved by the shedding of blood. This is revolution, and have you ever heard of a revolution without blood being shed? That is why you must become alert and become the true lover of your religion.

Everyone must consider his country as heaven and remove "I" and "my" from his mind. Put all your effort into service of country and humanity. Because great calamities are going to come in this world in the future, Shri Mahaprabhuji has warned you many times and told you to become alert and careful.


The message that is given here must be spread like electricity throughout the world. Do it quickly!

We must create many institutions; we must spread the message by making committees. The message must be published in all newspapers throughout the world.

Jai Maha Maya Ki! Always Jai Maha Maya Ki (which means Honor or Glory to the Great Primordial, Creative Energy) must be your slogan, your greeting to each other.

24 JANUARY 1983

Any day when aarati is being done by people from a certain country, all the men and women of that country should participate in it. When a German does aarati, all Germans must take part in it; when Swiss people do aarati, all the Swiss should take part in it. Likewise with the French, Italians, Americans, etc.

This is a new universal law, given for Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham, since the new code for the universal kingdom will start from Hairakhan. This taw will he universal law. This is not for one country but for all the world.

"Dhara 44"-Code No. 44-is the name of this law, and a person can be punished if he breaks this law. All of you must obey the law. This is a universal law. The world is going to be a universal kingdom ; there will be one king, one law in the whole universe.

The old laws and regulations are not applicable now. They have lost their validity; due to corruption in the law ministries, the old law is no law now. The new law is like a morphine injection-it has immediate effect.

Do not take the law into your hands. Be controlled by the law; do not control the laws by taking them into your own hands.

Shirdi Maulana is Speaking all this. You may know about Shirdi Maulana. He lived during the Muslim rule in India. He is now making the rounds everywhere, going here and there to help humanity. Now he is here, speaking through Shri Mahaprabhuji.

He says that "I" and "my" have put a veil over the hearts of people. People have become self-centred and selfish. How can there be peace when the mind is full of ego and selfishness? Who is big enough in this world now to sacrifice himself for universal service and love? People have degenerated to the point that they are prepared to kill or harm others for their own selfish works or motives.

All of you must try to destroy the corrupted law and establish true law in the world.

29 JANUARY 1983

God resides only in cleanliness. If there is impurity in you, how can God reside in your heart? So to reach God, look to cleanliness.

In life, everything is action, kriya, eating, drinking, coming and going. Everything is full of activity, every moment is full of action. It is the duty of every one to be active, to be lazy is like making yourself dirty. Those who live in Haidakhan must be very clean, take baths, have only clean thoughts.



During His Evening Bath

All my body is meant to dry up one day, so don't care to put too much oil on it. This body is here only to serve people.

All the living beings, animals, flowers, plants, and stones have been given a form by God and this body has been given by God to perform a duty in this world. So even my own body has come only to perform a duty and to serve all human and living beings.

But when human beings come in this world, they forget their duty and they fall into the attachment of maya and into the concepts of "me" and "mine" and so they forget God.



Babaji is the Compassionate One.

Babaji will fulfill all your desires if you come to him.

In return He asks you to be human. You must work. You should do your work, whatever it may be, to the best of your ability.

You must be alert in every moment.

You must be true to your country.

This is the time for action as is explained in the Bhagavad Gita. All religions and castes are acceptable.

21 MARCH 1983

I want to congratulate the people who stayed behind here (when Shri Babaji went to Vrindaban and Bombay) for decorating the kirtan-hall with beauty and dignity. I congratulate you, because you have tried to bring heaven to this earth. The cleanliness, beauty and dignity you have created demands appreciation. Now it is everyone's duty to maintain them.

Every human being should understand his duty. A real human being is he who does his work/duty equally, whether I am present or not. You have brought such artistic beauty to this hall that the atmosphere around, nature, and even the gods are pleased with you; this hall has become a home for divine beings.

As I have told you before, the thing needed in this Age is work (karma). In every Age people have reached salvation through different types of action and sadhana (spiritual discipline), but in this Age one can reach liberation only through hard work. I want real, practical human beings and only he is a true human being who lives in accordance with this Age. We need not consider religion or caste, but look only to hard work. Arjuna, for example, was renowned as a karma yogi, and even King Janaka was famous for being a karma yogi. You should progress on this road of karma-yoga in the same way. The troubles that beset this Age can be resolved through karma-yoga. You should become pioneers of this Age and search for truth. You have to become adventurous and awaken truth within you. This is real yoga.

At present, world crises are increasing - this we have to remedy. As I have told you before, you all should become brave, steadfast and truthful in action. Become of good character and conduct. Regardless of which country you come from, you will have to act your part for the great changes of this Great Revolution. You must not spend your time wastefully but utilize it by doing the right kind of work.

You may ask 'How will Babaji bring about this Revolution?' I have repeatedly told you that when the right time comes, all will be revealed. You may wonder also how one can counteract all the powerful weaponry and atom bombs that have been produced. The fact is that such weapons already existed in the days of Rama; even in the Dvapara Yuga they existed. Present day science has not yet reached the stage of development of those times. Then they had rain-producing weapons so that you could take a bath in the water they produced. Present day science is far from reaching this stage. When the right time comes, all will be revealed on its own.

Just as in the days of the Mahabharata the Pandavas had to come into possession of powers, in the same way, when the time comes, all will come about by itself. This revolution will set fire to the whole world. Only those will live who have adventure in their hearts, those who are wed to truth. You should all go forward with courage and adventure. This is why you should proceed with your duty always foremost in your mind. Idleness is death for a human being. Due to man's idleness, the world has reached a point of total despair. To do karma is the true path and in that only is there happiness and peace.

(Babaji, commenting on the way kirtan is conducted, went on to say kirtan should really be sung and played.)

Kirtan should come to you naturally and through your soul. When you sing, you and those who listen to the kirtan should enjoy it. It should be sung in harmony, with a slow rhythm. Put your souls into it and it will flow. Don't sing kirtan as though you are competing with one another or fighting with each other, beating very fast rhythms – the melody should flow in all its sweetness.