Teachings of Haidakhan Babaji | 9 part


16 AUGUST 1983

(Morning, at the Moksha Dham Dhuni)

Today is a very auspicious day. Today is a very happy day, a day of rejoicing. You are all assembled at the foothills of the Himalayas where the sacred river Gautama Ganga flows. On its banks is this beautiful garden. You are standing here by this beautiful natural spot of overhanging rock covered with abundant green. The splendor of this place is indescribable, as is the spend our of the sanctuary on Mount Kailash. This rock looks so beautiful with the green of foliage and creepers - you can even see the tail end of Hanuman in it (at this point Babaji pointed out some russet colored moss on the rock to Har Govind Baba).

Those of you here today are the most fortunate people in this world! Where you are standing is a most unique spot of spiritual sadhana. Even (the snake with a thousand heads and mouths, upholding the earth) is unable to speak of the greatness and sanctity of this place. Lord Brahma cannot describe its greatness and sanctity either; nor Lord Vishnu with the assemblage of all the Gods and Goddesses.

In the name of Lord Rama, this place has been created solely for the benefit of humanity. It is an outstanding phenomenon, a miracle and a wonder of this world. The sun, moon and all the galaxies of stars are forever ready to serve it. I hope that in future this phenomenon of Divine creation will bear great fruit. In the name of Lord Rama, here a yearly celebration will be held on 16th August, commemorating it as a place of divine manifestation. Here is the birthplace of all yogis and the deity of yogis, as the source of their inspiration, and their goal, resides here. Mahādeva had once told Lord Rama this fact - that this site is the remover of all ills and the giver of all heavenly joys.

In the name of Lord Rama, the sages/munis of this Age have shown great self-sacrifice in order to build this place. In the name of Lord Rama, just as Pramodavan was the beautiful garden of Lord Rama in Ayodhyā, so this is the beautiful garden of Lord Shiva. Its name is "Nadan Van." This divine manifestation, this garden, is not of an ordinary type. It has come into being through the sweat and blood of all devotees. That is why it is so beautifully.

Today is a very happy day. It is a day of great peace and welfare for mankind. Today is an auspicious day. It is "Mangalvar" ("Mangal," auspicious - Tuesday).

I have told you that I will bring heaven down to earth and today you all are eyewitnesses to this fact. In the name of Lord Rama, I have told Hargovind Baba many times that I shall make Switzerland and Sweden here. In the name of Lord Rama, now you can see the verdure all around. That the place is what you can see today is due to those who have done penance here.

In the name of Lord Rama, what is here today is the outcome of your hard labor and sadhana, of your winning the challenge. Nature posed to you - you have conquered Nature and have created this beautiful garden.

In the name of Lord Rama, Mahaprabhuji has given a boon to this place that whosoever drinks the holy water of "Ram-Dhara" and whoever comes to have Darśan of the dhuni, takes Vibhuti (sacred ash) and performs any spiritual practice here will have the guarantee of being liberated. This has become a written code. This is what Mahaprabhuji tells you. That is why it is called "Moksh Dham" - liberation sanctuary. It is a manifestation of Lord Rama and a center of pilgrimage. It is the entrance door to the Lord. Lakshmana (Rama's younger brother) has been here and so has Sheshnag. In the name of Lord Rama, now I teach this to you - all of you make progress obeying orders and following spiritual discipline.


This is the dhuni of the Mother Goddess. It is Her actual form. The octagonal shape reflects Her eight arms. Here auspicious chanting to the accompaniment of musical instruments takes place as though heavenly musicians (Gandharvas) had descended.

Today is a very auspicious constellation of stars. Today is Bhaumashami - the eighth day of the Lunar month, coinciding with a Tuesday; the last time this occurred was a hundred years ago. During the time of the Pandavas, the princely heroes of the Mahabharata during the time of Lord Krishna, they were waiting for somvatiamavasya, the dark moon day coinciding with Monday. But it did not occur and the brothers were liberated only after much suffering, climbing to the Himalayas, where they died.

Today is a great constellation of stars. In the "Durga Saptaśati" (seven hundred verses in praise of the Goddess Durga), it is written that on Bhaumashami all one's desires will be fulfilled.

Now, let the auspicious instruments sound again. (Babaji was inviting the bagpiper and drummer who were present to play.)


17 AUGUST 1983

Babaji speaks, Shastriji repeats; morning Darśan, after the Yagna (fire ceremony) celebrating the completion of the Pṛthvi Puja.

The Pṛthvi Puja, which has been celebrated here [for the past 21 days], has now been completed. It was due to your devotion and effort that this sacred ceremony could be accomplished. On this holy occasion, Mahaprabhuji blesses you with His whole being.

In the name of Lord Rama, you are all sitting at the foothills of the Himalayas. By merely sitting here, you are reaping the results of hundreds of lifetimes of penance; by having the Darśan of the dhuni, by applying Vibhuti, you are receiving blessings automatically.


17 AUGUST 1983


From tomorrow morning, Anushthan Puja for the Haidakhandeshwari Devi (the repetition of 1008 times of the "Haidakhandeshwari Saptaśati," 700 verses in praise of the Haidakhandeshwari Mataji, written by Vishnudatt Shastriji) will take place in the Dhuni. Everyone should participate morning and evening. Just as you go to the temples, everyone should go to the dhuni to meditate and do japa there.

Still, the main importance must be given to Karma Yoga. Without Karma Yoga it is not possible to progress in life - not only to achieve material progress; Karma Yoga is essential for spiritual perfection, as well. I consider an inactive man a dead man. Only through Karma Yoga can you advance in your life; your heart becomes purified, your thinking will be good. Karma Yoga is also beneficial for your health; you will sleep well and have good appetite. A man with good appetite and sound sleep is always a healthy man and with good health he can achieve anything in life.

I have told you before that there are many kinds of Yoga, but Karma Yoga is of supreme importance. Karma Yoga must come first, then others types of Yoga can be added. In the name of Lord Rama, advance and progress through Karma Yoga.

Since the time of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna many scriptures have come into being. They all describe the significance of Karma Yoga and teach its greatness. Christ was a Karma Yogi and the prophet Mohammed followed the path of Karma Yoga. All the Great Ones who have come advanced through Karma Yoga. "Phuro - be inspired!" All of you! In the name of Lord Rama, Karma Yoga teaches you to lead a true life. Only Karma Yoga is able to transform the world. Inaction is the cause of pain and all troubles.

In the name of Lord Rama, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, all brought revolution by Karma. Whatever they achieved, they did through Karma - through one-pointed action. The world trembled by the impact of their action; they changed the world. In the name of Lord Rama, Karma Yoga gives immediate results.

Has any great publicity been made in all these years in the media about what is happening here?

Yet, by the power of Karma, the whole world, the whole of creation, comes rushing here, like being blown in by a great storm. In the name of Lord Rama, I have told you many times that karma Yoga is supreme and, through it, I will bring the Revolution to the world. I have also told you many times that Karma Yoga is the highest thing. And I have told you many times "PHURO - be inspired!" This Revolution will be so fierce that it will melt the hearts of men. This Revolution will annihilate the trees and leaves in the world, as the result of nuclear destruction. In the name of Lord Rama, I have taught you this lesson of Karma Yoga many times. Through every means we will try to progress through Karma. All will be done.

Concentrate energy, conserve it. Don't waste anything, use it only when needed.

Awake! Arise!

Go to the wise and gain knowledge!

Realize the Self!

Be of firm determination - fully concentrated - achieve your goal!

In the name of Lord Rama, everything is present in this world, but the luckless ones – those without Karma - get nothing.

What I am telling you are all "phuro-mantras" - mantras to be inspired by! In the name of Lord Rama, inspiring words are eternal; the physical body will go, it is perishable. For the sake of Lord Rama, there are people who are "nine less than a hundred" and there are those who are "nine more than a hundred" (an Indian proverb which means that there are all sorts of people in the world). The same goes for people's ages; there are people of all ages. For the sake of Lord Rama, today I will close here.

20 AUGUST 1983


It is very necessary for us to be strong. If we are economically strong, we can even bring here the power that was the Union Jack's (the English flag that conquered India). We will be able to wave the flag of Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham throughout the world, as once the Union Jack flew. By their knowledge, yogis will be able to defy all weapons and bombs. "PHURO! Be inspired!"

We must go ahead and progress. Don't lag behind. In whatever condition or position you find yourself, always go forward. Go ahead! Go ahead! Advance with courage! Don't think that we will remain always in darkness and obscurity; like a frog from a deep well, come out and walk ahead!

Nature and the elements are now in our favor. Whenever you will face a challenge, you will win it. Now the sounds of victory can already be heard. The kingdom that will come now will be a religious kingdom. There will be high morals.

At every crossroads, bells will be hung, and if anyone is in trouble he may go and ring them and he will receive justice. I will root out all fear from the world. I will give the boon of fearlessness to all. I will stop the use of all weapons. The disarmament campaign will become greatly strengthened. World leaders are now only talking about this but I will show you disarmament in practice. "PHURO! Be inspired!" In the name of the Lord - Advance!

21 AUGUST 1983

In the name of Lord Rama, PHURO! Be inspired! You all have to go forward. You can only progress through Karma - action. You all have to perform "Sat-Karmas - good, merciful, charitable actions." "Akarma" (inaction) is the worst thing in this world. If you want to live a true life, you have to be active and hardworking. You can become an emperor of this world by hard work. Victory is yours by hard work.

All you monkeys and bears! Lord Rama conquered Lanka with the help of hardworking monkeys. You monkeys! Only wagging your tails won't be enough! You will have to do something practical, something useful. Babaji says you must work hard and put things into practice. Teach these things to others, too. First, be inspired yourselves; then inspire others with this message of Karma.

"Ishvarovacha" - Lord Ishwara (i.e. God) tells you: "PHURO! Be inspired!"

What you just heard were full, potent mantras.


21 AUGUST 1983

PHURO! Be inspired! In the name of the Lord, this is a full mantra; "Thus spoke the Lord." And what is it He is saying? He says:

"The Word is eternal; the material body is perishable."

For the sake of the Lord, I have been talking to you hourly. Be inspired!

The problem is one which affects the whole universe. Now the problem of the universe stands facing Me. It is not the problem of one caste or creed, but all living beings of this creation. It is the problem of the 8.4 million species of sentient beings. In the name of Lord Rama, it is not only the problem of all sentient, but also of all insentient beings. The task now before Me is to make the goat and the lion drink from the same water source.

The concept of violence should be understood like this: those who are nonviolent should have no part in violence. For the sake of Lord Rama, I want to establish peace in the world. PHURO!

These inspiring words will bring peace to the world. PHURO in itself is a complete mantra.

"Ishvarovacha" "Thus spake the Lord"


23 AUGUST 1983

(Shri Babaji gave an interview to an American journalist) "This is the time of Karma Yoga. It is the method for realization in this Age. Now I want Karma Yoga.

"A great Revolution shall come to the world. Destruction is a most necessary aspect of creation. At all times, peace was established only after revolution. For many Yugas, the earth has been crying out for blood. The whole earth has to be bathed in blood at lease once. This desire of the earth will be fulfilled. The Revolution will come quickly, in seconds, and spread everywhere.

"Courage is necessary. I want to root out idleness and create a world of brave, intelligent beings."

When asked whether it was necessary for everyone who was open to Him and His message to come to Haidakhan, Shri Babaji replied equally, "No." "but," he said, "world leaders will have to come here. It is compulsory. When Krishna went into battle, all the leaders of the time came, too, to join Him on the battlefield of Kurukṣettra.

"My message will reach into the depth of the sea and into the heights of the sky. All modern weapons, atom bombs and arms, are ineffective against Mahaprabhuji's message and power. The Message that came from a cave in the Himalayas has now come out into the world at large.

"No power in the world can stop the Revolution coming now."

When asked whether He is satisfied with the way His message is being spread in the West, particularly in the USA, Shri Babaji replied, "I am beyond satisfaction and dissatisfaction. What I want is Karma Yoga!"

26 AUGUST 1983

The Sanātana Dharma is the universal Law/Religion - eternal, without beginning, without end. No one knows when it came into being - no one knows how long it will exist.

Hourly, I am speaking to you.

The Sanātana Dharma is the king of all religions. At the beginning of Creation it was the only religion and at the end of Creation it will be the only religion. Santana Dharma is like an ocean; other Dharmas are like rivers - eventually they all merge into the Sanātana Dharma. They will lose their separate existence.

This is a "Phuro Mantra" - "Pinda Kacha Shabda Sacha." The body is perishable, the Word is eternal.


31 AUGUST 1983

Today's festival (Lord Krishna's birthday) will be celebrated in a great, inspired way. Mahaprabhuji says, I want to congratulate you all on this sacred occasion. For the sake of Lord Rama, may you all be happy today. (Babaji then congratulated everyone on behalf of Shri Mahamuniraji, who was also present for the occasion.)

On this auspicious day, one of the greatest revolutionaries of all times was born. He called together 18,000 battalions of horsemen from all parts of India. For the sake of righteousness, a fierce battle was fought at Kurukṣettra, with great bloodshed. Today we commemorate the birthday of this revolutionary. Let it be an inspiration to all of us.

Krishna was also the one who gave to the world the message of the "Bhagavad Gita," which still today inspires millions of people. On this day He incarnated to lighten the burden of bad karmas of men. The earth was laboring under its burden of bad karmas of men. (Shri Babaji then praised Jaimalji for his great services as a Karma Yogi, saying that he will be an example to be followed by many generations to come.)


31 AUGUST 1983

Babaji speaks, Shastriji repeats; after the Yagna (fire ceremony)

For the sake of Lord Rama, the auspicious Yagna ceremony has been completed today. This religious ceremony has been performed for the welfare of the whole world. Since Mahaprabhuji's appearance until now whatever has been undertaken here has been done for the well-being of man. For the sake of Man's salvation the mantra "PHURO!" has been newly created. the readings of the "Haidakhandi Saptaśati" were done solely for the purpose of serving the welfare of the universe.

One day, the religious ceremonies performed here will attract such crowds that the queues will reach as far as Bareilly, Rampur, and Bhowali. People will rush to come here; even the very rich.

The fact is "PHURO!" Everything in this world is "PHURO" transient. It has no reality. True reality is to proceed on the path of truth, to keep the company of saintly people, and to render service to men. The fact is "PHURO!"; this world is transient.


31 AUGUST 1983

At the Dhuni

Today you are all present here by this natural cave of overhanging rock of Mount Kailash (i.e., on the terrace outside the dhuni building). You are all blessed to be present in this great pilgrim center, at the Court of the actual Kailash Mahadham. Here, only those can live and are living who are very fortunate in this world. How can unlucky people live here? Those who have impurity in them, not even their shadow can come near this place, because this is a sacred, divine center. Here only heavenly beings can reside. For the sake of Lord Rama, continue to sing bhajans, to meditate, to pray.

All of you can see for yourselves how nature has formed this cave of overhanging rock in such a beautiful way. It is covered with the abundant green of leaves and creepers. This is a great universal pilgrim center. Now it is the auspicious morning time. It is 9:30 a.m. How beautifully the bagpipes are sounding! How colorful the garden is round about, where Lord Shiva's attendants are standing - like Majoor-das, in name and form a genuine Ghana. Har Govind is here, like Kārtikeya (Shiva's eldest son) and Shastriji is standing here like Lord Brahma, the Creator. You are all Rishis of ancient times, residents of this divine sacred center. You all don't know yourselves. You don't know your own greatness - like Hanuman who did not know His own greatness; He had to be reminded of it.

Wealth, kith and kin, and good fortune, sinners, even prostitutes can have; but the company of great saints and the knowledge of the Lord's name are difficult things to obtain. Only great men have these. This is what Tulsidas has said.

Congratulations to you all on this holy, auspicious day! Can you see how nature has spread a beautiful veil of clouds over the sun? It is neither too hot, nor does it rain. Even nature works in favor of today's auspicious event.

For many years now, you have been witnessing how nature is obedient to Mahaprabhuji. Even if the Sun is told to stop, it will obey. Today, you can see this fact for yourselves. Sitting here at Hairakhan, Mahaprabhuji has control over every particle of the Creation by the power of His mere wish, by His every thought. You may travel throughout the whole world, but the peace of mind which you acquire here you cannot find anywhere else. Mahaprabhuji has control over the elements, the spiritual world - to say nothing of the world of men. He is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the world. Not a single blade of grass can grow but that He wills it. He has incarnated in a human body for the welfare of mankind. His sole desire is to make it possible for the whole world to be liberated. He shall do His utmost to achieve liberation of the world.

You have come here from all parts of the world. Can you create such natural beauty as you see around you in these hills? Always, all heavenly beings - the Gods and Goddesses - are present here. They come and go. They bathe in the Gautama Ganga. Many divinities reside here permanently, not wishing to leave this place.

Be happy, all of you! May long life and prosperity by yours always!


(Then Babaji invited the bagpiper to play and some of the devotees to dance.)

In the Court of Mahaprabhuji, the orchestra of musicians is playing and the heavenly maidens are dancing. When there is music, song and dance, this is an ideal combination of three divine elements.