Classic Vedic & Hindu texts

Shaivite Hinduism Explained

Śaivite Hinduism explained, by Satguru Śivāya Subramuniyaswami, the head of Śaiva Siddhāṅta lineage of Śivaism. The work is large and in progress….please check back often, as new parts and knowledge will be updated constantly here….

Haidakhan Babaji Teachings

Teachings of Haidakhan Babaji (1970-1984) as recorded by his devotees in Babaji's ashram in Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham during last years of his presence in the physical form, during 1979-1984.

Thirukural of Tiruvalluvar

The Thirukural is a 2 200-year-old South Indian Tamil - Dravidian classic on ethical living. Thiru means “holy” or “sacred,” and kural describes a brief verse or literary couplet. This poetic masterpiece is one of the most revered Holy Scriptures in South India. On most part it deals with questions of ethical living, how to deal with daily situations, things that are good to note

Thirukural of Tiruvalluvar

*/ Subject Anchors: 1. Curbing of Desire 2. Destiny 3. The Grandeur of Monarchy 4. Education 5. Non-Learning 6. Listening 7. Possession of Wisdom 8. Avoiding Faults 9. Gaining Great Men's Help 10. Avoiding Mean Company 11. Deliberation before Action 12. Judging Strength 13. Knowing Proper Time 14. Judging the Place 15. Testing of Men For Confidence 16. Testing And Entrusting 17. Cherishing Kinsmen 18.

Thirukural of Tiruvalluvar | 3

*/ Subject Anchors: 1. Courage Before Councils 2. The Country 3. Fortress 4. Ways of Making Wealth 5. The Glory of Army 6. Military Pride 7. Friendship 8. Testing Friendship 9. Intimacy 10. Bad Friendship 11. False Friendship 12. Folly 13. Petty Conceit 14. Hatred 15. Noble Hostility 16. Appraising Enemies 17. Secret Foe 18. Offend Not the Great 19. Being Led By Women 20.