Teachings of Haidakhan Babaji | 12 part


23 NOVEMBER 1983.

The fact is, a great fire of sins and sorrows is burning throughout the world. Everyone living walks and works through this fire. People have become disheartened; Death is dancing before everyone's eyes; everyone has this experience.

Those who are present here, from whatever place they come, live here in unity, as one - and so must you live in your won country.

At present, not only humanity is in danger, but all sentient and insentient beings of the universe are in danger. I have not only to consider human beings but I have to save the entire Creation. How is this possible? (A long pause). It is quite impossible. Only he who has a strong determination to do good acts and who is strongly devoted to God can survive this destruction.

Whoever lives in whatever place or country, there is no necessity of your coming running here. Please do not waste your time like this! The time and energy which you waste in coming and going to and from here should be used by doing sadhana (religious worship and work) in your home place. The coming and going is just a waste of time. Wherever you live, you must work hard to provide whatever your country lacks. Go on repeating God's Name and go on working, doing good deeds.

Only by Karma Yoga can you advance and be successful in your life. This is the only invincible weapon - like Vajra (the divine weapon of Indra, the King of Heaven). If you use this weapon, even during the time of total destruction you will not be moved or shaken. That is why you should never cease action.

You should not do anything which will do harm to others. You should do those good deeds which benefit the majority of the people. That is why all of you should advance by giving first priority to Karma (work). Karma is the only Yoga which brings success to a person. This Yoga is so powerful that even the least practice of it relieves a person from sorrow and sickness. Only that work which benefits the majority of people is truly called "Karma."

You must organize and unite people more and more wherever you live.


17 DECEMBER 1983.

Morning Darśan

The thing is, today, the 17th of December, the winter session begins and we are all together in Darbar (a Royal Court Session) and great kings and ministers are here. This meeting has a great significance because it is an international Darbar. Even Reagan has not such power as this, nor does Indira Gandhi have it, nor the Soviet premier, nor the Chinese premier. The power of those ministers is limited to their own countries - they all have shaped their own limitations. The kings and ministers who have assembled here, have unlimited power throughout the world.

Shri Mahaprabhuji has the wish that we all must work for the welfare of the whole universe. Whatever we do, we will have to do, must be based on the universal good. I tell you that you must all spend your time and energy working for the good of the entire universe. Only by doing this will you be benefitted.

It is not necessary for all of you to come running here again and again. You must all be busy in doing your own work (duty) and by doing that you will be cooperating in the universal work. You must all be prepared to contribute to the universal good. Go and remain in your own place. I do not like people roaming about like dogs. If you go anywhere, go for some purpose. Use that time which you would waste in coming and going to and from here to do good to some human being - to any living being.

Advance! and help others in making progress.

Now a terrible time is coming. I have told you this previously. By this great Revolution even the geography of the world will change.

I request that all of you work hard for the upliftment of humanity. Try to protect the rights of humanity. Step forward to protect humanity!

At the present time, inhumanity has spread everywhere. We have to totally root out inhumanity and we have to establish humanity throughout the world. I told you previously that you may wonder what I will do and how I will manage it when only Amar Singh, with broken teeth, is with Me. What will the broken toothed Amar Singh do? He who only sits in the kitchen all day!

LOOK! When the time of need arises, all the army, navy, and air power, all newly invented weapons of war - atomic and nuclear and hydrogen bombs - will be provided. Like armies of ants, these forces will be lined up here. That is why I say you should not wonder what I can do - I can do everything.

For example, at the time of the great Mahabharata war, all the powers of the world came to help the Pandavas. (In the great struggle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, the Kauravas were the established, universal power; the Pandavas returned from exile without money or army, but when the dispute rose to the level of battle many Kings put themselves and their armies under the command of the Pandavas.) He who has doubts is ruined.

You must all step together and form a great international organization - bigger than anything organized in the history of the world. I do not want you all to be ruined or destroyed. A great Revolution is going to take place such as has never before occurred in the world. The hearts of the people who read or hear the history of this Revolution will melt. This is an era of great destruction - no other time can be compared to this. The Revolution will last not for minutes but only for some seconds. The countries which have invented these destructive weapons will themselves be destroyed. They should not think they are secure. Only he who has surrendered completely at the feet of Shri Mahaprabhuji (God) is secure.

We must not stand still - we must advance for the sake of our countries, for the upliftment of the human race, for all humanity. We must establish Karma Yoga, we must eliminate idleness from the world. I have told you before, also, that I want active and hardworking people. I do not want to live in a world of inaction - that is why I want to make everyone energetic.

Now Shri Mahaprabhuji requests you to step forth for the benefit of all humanity. Leaving behind dishonesty and craftiness, step forward to cultivate humanitarian qualities and protect humanism and humanity!..

17 DECEMBER 1983.

Evening Darśan.

You must consider work as the real devotion and go on doing Karma Yoga always. Shri Mahaprabhuji says "I am always telling you about working hard. My head has become very hot from the constant repetition of this same thing."

This world is transitory, the Name of God is the true reality. Everything in this world is destructible, transient, unlasting. So you must all repeat God's Name and sing kirtan and bhajans with devotion and concentration. Without this, how can you attain Enlightenment and make progress?

The kirtan and bhajans which we sing here must be sung with such deep devotion and concentration that the Deity of whom you are singing must be invoked to appear before you.

You must go on working and doing kirtan, too. Many times I have told you about this and I hope I will tell you many times in the future because I want to see everyone lively and energetic. When Time is moving so quickly, why do you reduce your speed? You must work as fast as a machine; your brain must work in mantras like a computer. You should not brood over things; to obey the orders of Shri Mahaprabhuji is your real Yoga. This is the only mantra for you - to obey the orders of Shri Mahaprabhuji.

Leaving behind the fear of death and the hope of life, you must advance. You should not be afraid of fire or water. When the need arises, we will have to jump into the ocean; when the time comes, we must be prepared to jump into the fire. That is why all of you must be as firm and stable as Mount Meru. The thing is that this whole world is transitory - why do you entertain confusion in your minds? You must have only one aim, one goal - to serve every living being in the universe. ..


21 DECEMBER 1983.

Everyone must take a vow on the 25th that we are all one and that we must all live in unity.

Everyone must remove differences/distinctions from their hearts. There must be more stress on unity. We must put an end to all kinds of differences of opinion and other differences, too. We must step forward, keeping in mind the problems that the coming great crisis will bring.

Everyone must use his own common sense - he should do his duty without waiting to be told what to do. To do your duty is the greatest worship (Puja), the greatest service (seva), the greatest devotion (jap) and penance (tapas).

All of you must give the greatest significance to Karma Yoga. You all have advanced through Karma Yoga only. You must all advance with a firm determination. To have a firm determination is Yoga; to be stable and firm in your determination is Yoga. You should not be shaken from your determination. To be shaken from your determination is to lose your direction - that is why you must make a firm determination and stick to it. Everyone must show his progress to Shri Mahaprabhuji...


22 DECEMBER 1983.

A the Hawankund on the gufaside of the ashram, at a pre-Christmas fire ceremony.

When most of the seats at the Hawankund had been taken and the ceremony had started, a foreign man came to the Hawankund and looked for a place to sit. Babaji asked:

"Have you washed your hands? Wash your hands and come and sit."

The chanting of the mantras stopped while the devotee washed his hands and sat down. Then Shri Babaji, looking around the Hawankund at all the foreign faces, said:

"I want to tell you the meaning of the Yagya (havan ceremony)." He called out "Roiyo," calling for Om Shanti to come and translate.

"Havan it is that brings rain, which brings grain. The origin of Creation stems from the havan. The havan is the real form of the Gods; whatever we offer to the havan goes directly to the Gods who are being invoked.

"By doing havan, people gain happiness and all the pleasures of life; they all have good thoughts and love for each other. By the smoke form the havan the harmful germs in the atmosphere are destroyed and the good bacteria, useful to life, grow in it. This increases the plenty and prosperity of the world.

"Before starting any work, you should first know the significance of it. You may be wondering why these people are burning the fire and 'wasting' things by throwing them into the fire. I has great significance: Creation originated from this.

"I will take two minutes more of your time. Do you have any objection?" (A chorus of "no's".)

"The original Kailash is this one. (He pointed above, up the hill of the Kumaon Mount Kailash). Mahādeva (Lord Shiva) appeared there and performed the first havan there.

"Now we turn toward the other Kailash, where (the lake) Mansarovar is (in Tibet). Another Yagya was performed at Mansarovar Kailash. "When the original Manu (the first man) was born/created, and when Mahadevaji ordered him to extend the creation, this Manu performed a Yagna at Mansarovar. That is why that place was named Mansarovar, from the root name of Manu.

"By Manu's strong determination and the power of the havan, Creation started to expand. Jai Mahamaya ki jai!

"Did you all understand something?" ("Yes, yes!")

Here Shri Babaji used an Urdu phrase to say: "I want to utter a few more words."

"Did you understand?" ("Yes; no.")

"If you have not understood, I will explain it to you. But if you have understood, what more should I say?"

"Did you understand?" ("No; yes.")

Baba continued, laughing: "If you understood, what more can I say?"

To Om Shanti: "What do they say?"

Om Shanti: "Some say yes; some say no."

Babaji, with eyes twinkling: "Those who understood can explain to those who did not understand.

Bhole Baba ki jai!"

A devotee said: "Nobody has understood anything."

Babaji, with laughter: "If you are so stupid that you have not understood, then how can I explain it?!"

And the havan got under way again...

24 DECEMBER 1983.


The fact is, today is an auspicious and blissful day. Today you are all assembled in the foothills of the Himalayas and on the banks of the river Gautami Ganga. Today the air is cool, gentle and sweet-smelling. People from all countries throughout the world have come here. Those who have assembled in this holy place on this Day are enjoying the bliss of heaven. Let this Day be happy for all of us who have chosen the Path of Universal Unity.

The fact is, I have told you before, many times, what I want to do in the world. I want a creation of brave, fearless and courageous people. I want people with a strong revolutionary spirit who are willing to fight for the Truth. I want to root out the present spirit of non-violence from the world; this emphasis on non-violence has brought an increase in atrocities and injustice in the world. I do not want a world in which the rights of human beings are crushed/trampled, as the world is today.

This practice of non-violence has led people into ignorance instead of leading them to knowledge.

Due to this kind of non-violence, Man has been deprived of his rights and he is afraid of his own shadow. I want a creation of powerful people throughout the world.

You will all wonder what Shri Mahaprabhuji will do, how He will do it, what is going to happen, how He will face this calamity single-handed. Up to now, whatever one has achieved, he has achieved by self-effort. Yat atma dhrirh nisachyah. You must have perfect/full control over yourself and a firm determination. You must not be shaken from your determination, even at the time of total dissolution of the world. One who is firm in his determination can change the whole world.

When Lord Ram was in exile, He had no army of millions of men but He did have a firm determination. When one has firm determination, all the powers of Nature assist him, come to help him. When the Pandavas returned from their years in exile, no army waited for them. As in those times, all the powers of Nature will come automatically to help us when the need arises.

It is said, in Sanskrit verse, that if a King is brave and courageous, his subjects will help him with bravery and courage. If we have a firm determination, fire, water, storm . . . nothing can stop us. It will not be necessary to call; when the time comes, all the powers will come to help, like clouds coming piling in.

Today, in our society there is no lack of people who are trained in many arts and in the sciences. In the Samaj, there are people of such talents who come from all parts of the world. Here are many people with great knowledge of the arts and sciences. In this society, all are educated and each one who comes in more qualified than those before him.

At the time of the Mahabharata, the great, great kings, leaving behind the fear of death and the hope of life, jumped into the battle. Like that, today people from many countries are ready to face whatever comes. He who has doubts will perish.

You are all eyewitnesses. Did I go anywhere to broadcast My Message to any other country? The thing is - "Awake! Arise! Go to the learned people and get knowledge from them." Then you will get all kinds of powers and success in your life. Today I want to congratulate the people from all over the world. Those who are present and those who are not - all deserve congratulations on this Day...


Now there is only half an hour before twelve o'clock. Don't get up and disturb the rhythm/pattern of this holy time. There is a proverb in Hindi which has the hero of a drama telling the heroine:

"Most of the play is over, little is left and this little is about to finish. Please do not disturb the harmony of the music for this short remaining time."

So please stay seated and go on singing kirtans and bhajans until twelve o'clock. Whatever kirtans, bhajans and prayers you offer today, Christ will hear. Sing kirtan; sing "Alleluia."

25 DECEMBER 1983.

Today the International Festival of Christmas is ending. This festival was celebrated successfully, through the cooperation of all people. You have always been cooperating like this at this festival time. This festival is celebrated here regularly through the inspiration of all of you and it will continue like this in the future. That is my Blessing on all of you. Congratulations to you for your concentrated, wholehearted efforts.

I have told you many times before that you must all keep your duty before you always. We must all have one purpose before us - to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of humanity. We must live for humanity and die for humanity. We all must offer our lives for the welfare and security of society. This must be our main aim, our bhajan (meditation, kirtan and service). This is our bhajan, this is our kirtan, this is our repetition of The Name. We should always proceed with this aim in mind.

Today mankind has greatly degenerated. People are like puppets dancing for demonic leaders. We have to protect the people and lead them to progress. We must not lose courage...


25 DECEMBER 1983.

The Kumaon Commissioner's Speech (Shri A.K. Das)

As you heard just now, this was the celebration of the birth of Christ. All of you know about the resurrection of Christ and His message of Love. Every year we celebrate Christmas here - it is a very auspicious occasion. the teachings of Lord Christ was that we are all led by the Good Shepherd. Christ was crucified but he never died; He was resurrected and He had no word of condemnation or hatred toward those who killed Him. He prayed - "Please forgive them they know not what they do."

Now Shri Babaji is here before you. His teachings are similar to those of Christ. The message of Christ was to love everyone, to have no hatred or jealousy toward anyone. Babaji teaches the same. Everyone must do his own duty - only then can we advance.

I feel particularly honored by this opportunity to say a few words to you. I have a tremendous faith in Baba, particularly because we have His message of humanity here. So many foreign friends have come from all over the world. There is much difference between the ways of life and the religious beliefs but there is something unique here - that is why people come from all over the world and sit here. This great gathering of humanity teaches us that though we come from all over the world, we are all from the same spring of humanity. We should love each other, we should gain experience of each other's views and exchange views of our faiths.

On this auspicious day, let us all pray to Lord Christ, to Baba, for blessing and for all the mental courage to perform our destined jobs honestly, properly and with dedication. Once again, I offer my prayers to Baba and to Lord Christ for all my brothers and sisters seated here.


1 JANUARY 1984.

The fact is that all of you have assembled here at the foot of beautiful and pleasant Mount Kailash. You all are sitting in the courtyard of that beautiful cave, the greatness of which has been described in the Vedas. And you are the most fortunate ones in the whole universe - you are all witnessing and enjoying the first new sunrise of the New Year in this very holy and beautiful valley of the Himalayas.

At one time this whole valley was covered by snow and the mountains were covered by snow. I have told you the mystery of this place. My brothers, this is the real, original Kailash. Mahādeva (Lord Shiva) resided here with Mother Parvati for thousands and millions of years. Even before the whole of Creation, this place was here.

I have told you before the story of Mansarovar (Kailash). When Manu (the first man) was created, he wished that the Creation would be expanded. He performed penance and Yagya there. He installed a symbol of Lord Shiva there. This gave rise to the name of Mansarovar for the lake - from his name, Manu. Considering all these facts, you can conclude that this is the original Mount Kailash. This is the only mount where the Gods, Goddesses, Sages and Seers and the Angels (Gandharvas) reside. Now all of you can understand the great significance of this holy place. It is the greatest holy place of the world.

There are many holy places that are limited to a particular religion. There have been and are many temples, churches and religious centers, but this is the only universal pilgrim center. That is what gives this place its great significance. All the Gods and Goddesses - the diving beings - reside in the mountains around here.

Today, as the year 1984 starts, I am happy to give you all congratulations and good wishes. Let this year be happy, auspicious, and blissful for you. May all of you be liberated! May success be yours!

I have already told you before that the difficult times are very near. Awake! Arise! Go to the wise an learn from them. All of you must unite together and face these calamities. Jai Mahamaya Ki Jai!

JAI VISHWA!!! There is an Indian slogan "Jai Hind!" It means "Victory to India!" But I want the welfare of the whole universe so I am starting a new slogan - "JAI VISHWA!" ("Victory/Honor to the Universe!")