Hare Krishna

Śiva & Śaivism

God Śiva is all and in all, one without a second, the Su­preme Being and only Absolute Reality. He is Pati, our Lord, immanent and transcendent. To create, preserve, destroy, conceal and reveal are His 5 powers.

God Śiva is a one being, yet we understand Him in 3 perfections: as Absolute Reality, Pure Consciousness and Primal Soul.

Paraśiva is God Śiva’s Unmanifest Reality or Absolute Being, distinguished from His other 2 perfections, which are manifest and of the nature of form.

Paraśiva is the fullness of everything, the absence of nothing.

Oṁ Namaḥ Śivāya

Śaivism & Śiva
Kaśmīra Śaivism

Kaśmīra Śaivism, as a monistic system of thought, as distinct from ritualistic religion, arose in Kaśmīra in the 9th century A.D.It is a non-Vedic system, because it does not recognize the Veda as the final authority. It is primarily based, not on reason nor on Scriptural

Thirukural of Tiruvalluvar

The Thirukural is a 2 200-year-old South Indian Tamil - Dravidian classic on ethical living. Thiru means “holy” or “sacred,” and kural describes a brief verse or literary couplet. This poetic masterpiece is one of the most revered Holy Scriptures in South India. On most part it

Yamas and Niyamas | Restraints and Observances

Religion Teaches us how to become better people, how to live as spiritual beings on this earth through living virtuously, following the natural and essential guidelines of dharma. For Hindus, these guidelines are recorded in the Yamas and Niyamas, ancient scriptural injunctions

Self Realization

We are immortal souls living and growing in the great school of earthly experience in which we have lived many lives. Vedic rishis have given us courage by uttering the simple truth, “God is the Life of our life.” A great sage carried it further by saying there is one thing God

Haidakhan Babaji, message of Truth, Simplicity and Love

Haidakhan Babaji is considered among the few greatest spiritual teachers or Guru of the last century. He excelled not so much in any new teaching for the brains, but rather with his personal spiritual energetical radiance that was clearly felt by everyone around, which served