Haidakhan Babaji, message of Truth, Simplicity and Love


Haidakhan Babaji is considered among the few greatest spiritual teachers or Guru of the last century. He excelled not so much in any new teaching for the brains, but rather with his personal spiritual energetical radiance that was clearly felt by everyone around, which served for the upliftment and inspiration of people. Haidakhan Babaji is considered a real incarnation of God.

According to the legend Babaji was not born of women, he was found as a god-realized, enlightened yogi in a form of young men absorbed in meditation in a cave at the foot of Mount Kailash. Appearance of Babaji took place in June of 1970, near a Hairakhan village in a Nainital District of Uttrakhand in India.

There are no other records where Babaji came from or if he had any parents. He was found naked meditating in a cave; he could avoid eating and sleeping for many days in meditation and didn’t have any luggage with him.

Soon many devotees gathered around the place – many spiritually advanced men had visions and signs that Maha Avatar has incarnated near Himalayas and many people heard about the exceptionally advanced yogi.

The first three months Haidakhan Babaji spoke very little and spent most time in meditation. After that he climbed up the Mount Kailash accompanied with a group of Indian devotees and spent there 45 days in continual meditation. Many miracles were observed around Babaji – he healed the sick, could appear simultaneously in different places and he instantly brought spiritual change in minds and lives of people.

babajiIn 1971 Babaji founded a spiritual centre – an Ashram, near the foot of Himalayas, in Haidakhan, near the village Chilianaula near Haldwani in Uttar Pradesh, India. Crowds of devotes flocked there from India and also from many Western countries. What was first just one temple and a small hut soon grow into nine big temples and a beautiful park and cultivated lands around.

In his teachings Babaji emphasized that he didn’t came to establish any new religion, rather to revive the principles of Sanātana Dharma or Eternal Religion – living in Truth, Simplicity and Love.

He taught to keep always mind concentrated on God’s name, the Mantra Om NamaŚivāya, to do japa and to do Karma yoga – selfless work and service to the God.

Babaji also said that people may remain in their traditional religion would they wish to. In Babaji’s Ashram were celebrated religious festivities and Saints of different religions, including those of Christianity. He stressed the unity of all religions and their ideals.

However, since Haidakhan Babaji lived in India and most of devotees also were coming from Hinduism, the general Spiritual practice and message was told mostly according to Hindu tradition.  

In Haidakhan Ashram there was daily performed service of Haidakhan Āratī and bhajan singing, pujas and fire offerings to Guru – Babaji, Shiva, Divine Mother – Ambikā Devi and Durgā and other significant deities.

Often Babaji was teaching that selfless hard work itself is an offering and worship to God. He said – if you are fully concentrated on work it develops inner and outer strength, willpower, energy and joy and there is no time for bad thoughts or depression or foolish habits, which most usually enter the lazy and weak mind.

Also he recommended everyone to do japa on Om Namaḥ Śivāya mantra, explaining that this mantra contains all the good qualities, gives strength and protection to spiritual practitioner.

Besides Babaji was telling that we are living in a Kali Yuga or Dark Age and he prophesized that times will come more and more difficult, there will be the End of Times or great destruction both in nature around and most people will die in wars and catastrophes and only spiritually strong and advanced will survive. He said Om Namaḥ Śivāya is that very mantra which will benefit people the most in the difficult times that will come soon and everyone should be prepared.

Babaji urged spiritual people to be strong, courageous and brave. Only strong people can carry on and spread humanity in the world and go ahead on the path of spiritual and material perfection. To be religious doesn’t mean to be weak.

Most of the time Haidakhan Babaji spent in his Ashram inspiring people with the energy of blessing of his presence, in conversations with people individually, sometimes giving short speeches for community after evening’s Āratī or some special yagya fire ceremony.  Periodically Babaji travelled across the India to spread his message of Truth, Simplicity and Love and his personal inspiration to people of all walks of life in different regions.

Babaji’s Maha Samādhi came on February 14, 1984, when his physical body ceased to exist. But spiritually Haidakhan Babaji is still here in this world – you can always receive his radiant blessing from his images, reading his speeches and memories of people who have met him.

There are also many temples, ashrams and spiritual centres built in many places in India and in many countries in Europe and North America, were spiritually inclined friendly people regularly meet, sing bhajans and divine eulogies together, sing Om Namaḥ Śivāya mantra, share divine prasad, grow spiritually and live in Truth, Simplicity and Love.

Message from Babaji:

Love and serve all humanity.
Assist everyone.
Be happy, be courteous.
Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy.
Recognize God and goodness in every face.
There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future.
Praise everyone. If you cannot praise someone, let them out of your life.
Be original, be inventive.
Be courageous. Take courage again and again.
Do not imitate; be strong, be upright.
Do not lean on the crutches of others.
Think with your own head. Be yourself.
All perfection and every divine virtue are hidden within you. Reveal them to the world.
Wisdom, too, is already within you. Let it shine forth.
Let the Lord's grace set you free.
Let your life be that of the rose; in silence, it speaks the language of fragrance.

I am always with you
Shri Babaji


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