Shiva Philosophy

Vīra Śaivism: History and Literature

*/ History and Literature of Vīra Śaivism. Part 2 A later Āgama probably of the thirteenth century called the Vīra- ś aivāgama speaks of the four schools of thought: Śaiva, Pāśupata, Vāma and Kula. Śaiva is again divided into Saumya and Raudra. The Saumya is of five kinds including demonology and magic as antidote to poison. The Śaiva school is called Dakṣiṇā, and the cult

Kaśmīra Śaivism

Kaśmīra Śaivism, as a monistic system of thought, as distinct from ritualistic religion, arose in Kaśmīra in the 9th century A.D.It is a non-Vedic system, because it does not recognize the Veda as the final authority. It is primarily based, not on reason nor on Scriptural authority, but on the most direct experience of the true reality through spiritual discipline, the practice of Yoga.