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Vedanta...formerly Hinduism...but some Hinduism too...the Religious One...
I don't care about cultures, but a better - If Hinduism is not a Religion, I call it Vedanta...
Vedanta seems too narrow to encompass all 6 Darshanas, and Hinduism too confusing...

Hindus - practitioners of religious duty (Dharma)
not to be confused with Indians & Indian heritage

Hinduism: Overview | 1

Hinduism is the religion of almost a billion people: While most of them are in India, there are almost 2 million in the United States and substantial numbers in Great Britain, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and East Africa. Marked by diverse beliefs, practices, and organizational structures as well as multiple chains of authority, Hinduism is one of the largest and oldest religious traditions in the world.

Yamas and Niyamas | Restraints and Observances

Religion Teaches us how to become better people, how to live as spiritual beings on this earth through living virtuously, following the natural and essential guidelines of dharma. For Hindus, these guidelines are recorded in the Yamas and Niyamas, ancient scriptural injunctions for all aspects of human thought, attitude and behaviour. In Indian spiritual life, these Vedic restraints and observances are built into the character