Teachings of Haidakhan Babaji | 10 part


31 AUGUST 1983

Evening, before a playlet depicting incidents from Lord Krishna's life)

Today is the very auspicious festival of "Janmashtami" - the birthday of Lord Krishna. I have only one request to make of you all - the inhabitants of this area. Just as you have come today to attend this festival, I wish to have the pleasure of your company for other festivals, too.

You must know that by living together in a united way, anything may be achieved in this world. People in this area must become united to progress. There is great power in union. If there is unity and love among you, then only can you lead a peaceful and happy life. We must work united.

We must all work together to complete our task. In this way, all work becomes easy. Through division of opinions, great kingdoms and many city states were ruined in the past; but by living in unity, ruined kingdoms have received new life. On this auspicious day, everybody should take a vow to work together in this life.

Try to develop your villages. There is a Sanskrit proverb which says that in the Kali Yuga there is power only through organized groups. We must be of firm determination to progress. Then only success is certain. Modern man has even traveled in space; he has been to the moon and intends to visit other planets; but people in this area are where they were - they have made no progress. Now here we should make efforts to progress, as well. As in these modern times, science and technology have advanced, so we, too, should strive to advance in every way.

The first thing to do is to root out inaction. As long as you do not become great human Yogis, you can achieve nothing. Today you should all take a vow to root out idleness. Through hard work, it is possible to achieve anything in this world. You can even change creation itself. Have faith in Karma Yoga. Get peace and happiness through Karma Yoga. Idleness is the root of all misery in this world.

You must understand that future generations have to make greater progress than we have made. Make efforts so you yourselves become shining lights in future. There is one path to peace and happiness - Karma Yoga. If we are prepared to work, we can overcome pain and poverty. If there is unity among us, we can even bring down Governments.

Train your children in Karma Yoga, that they may become people of good and strong character.



Shri Babaji and Shastriji comment on Detachment

One evening in August, a devotee went to Babaji and asked Him three questions concerning "detachment": What is the definition of detachment? What is it for, or to what does it lead? And, when you don't have it, how do you "practice" it?

Babaji told the devotee to ask tomorrow, so he went back to his seat.

A while later, Shastriji came out of Swamiji's room and went to touch Shri Babaji's feet. When Shastriji stood up by Babaji's side, Babaji called the devotee back. He came forward and touched Babaji's feet and Babaji told him to ask his questions of Shastriji.

The questions were repeated and Shastriji replied that detachment is knowing that the world is illusion. This did not mean much to the devotee, who felt confused and disappointed.

At this point, Shri Babaji leaned forward and entered into the conversation, saying there were many kinds of detachments, "Vairāgyas." For instance, the men who invented the atom bomb were detached - they focused all their attention on one problem, forgetting everything else. The main theme, He said, is to focus your attention completely, to concentrate on your goal, whatever it is, forgetting all other things. This is renunciation. It leads to God - realization.

Shri Babaji said further, that being one-pointed is "Vairāgyas." He told the devotee that he was "liberated," that he was "most detached." The devotee felt neither "liberated" nor "detached," but he touched Shri Babaji's feet and headed to his seat. Shri Babaji called him back.

Babaji reemphasized that whatever decision you make, whatever goal you set, go after it with great faith and firm determination, focused on it entirely. Babaji said that just by shaving one's head or putting on orange garb, one does not become "detached." One must have firm faith, strong will and complete concentration. The devotee again touched Shri Babaji's feet, thinking the conversation was over.

Shastriji then told him to stand up and Shastriji began to speak again. He said that Shukadeva had asked the same three questions of his father, Vyasa. Vyasa had told Shukadeva to go to King Janaka and ask him these questions. When the questions were put to him, King Janaka instructed Shukadeva to circumambulate the city of Mithila, carrying a full bowl of milk. Shukadeva was to be accompanied by two guards with bared swords and if he spilled even one drop of milk they were under orders to cut off his head.

Shukadeva was then sent on his walk, holding the very full bowl of milk. Hours later, he came back into the presence of King Janaka, who asked him what he had seen of the city. Shukadeva replied that he had not seen a thing of the city because he had focused entirely on not spilling the milk, the sword of death hanging in his mind. King Janaka then explained that this was how he had to concentrate on his goal - with complete concentration. This was "detachment" from all the things in life.

The devotee thanked Shastriji and again, with gratitude touched Shri Babaji's feet. At this, Shri Babaji turned from another conversation and asked, "What was your third question?" It was "How does one practice detachment when he doesn't have it?"

Shastriji answered: "Dire, dire - slowly, slowly" and the devotee laughed.

Shri Babaji leaned forward and pointed at the devotee and clarified: "With total concentration and great faith and determination! Focus on your goal and everything else fades from view. Then you have "detachment."



Today is the Jewish New Year and it is being celebrated here. Today will be a holiday. There will be no work for anyone of whatever caste or creed.

The fact is today is of particular significance. The Israelis who have come here had to "cross eight seas." Other people who come here only have to cross seven seas (an Indian saying to indicate great distance). Notwithstanding the fact that in their own country they have so much to do – they have neither time to drink water nor to breathe - still they have come here. As soon as they are born, they are taught to put their hand to the trigger. This (i.e., because they have to fight continuously) is why they have not even the time to drink water.

(Babaji then turned to one of the Israelis present and asked "Who is it you are fighting?" Answer: "A good question! The Arabs - each other." Babaji continued.) Once, in the past, the Jews had a great kingdom. They ruled over their neighbors but with time they were made homeless. Their land, the Israel of today, has been build by them through courage and hard work. Before this, they had no place on earth, not even space to put down their feet; from everywhere in the world they were thrown out. The Israel of today has been build by the valor of the people who live in the country.

I admire their bravery and courage. The courage with which they are fighting the Arabs makes their lives total chaos (literally - "makes them sleep upside down"). I do not want spineless people in this Creation. I want a world of people with such courage as the Israelis have shown.

On this auspicious day, I bless all Jews who are present here, those who are not present, those who live in hiding, those who are alive and those who are dead. I bless them all.

The day will come - and you will be eye witnesses to it soon - when theirs will be a big, strong kingdom, overruling the Arab countries. Their time has come!

Everyone must live with courage. The person without courage must die. This creation is for the brave. People without courage are a burden to the earth. On this New Year's Day, I bless everyone - especially the Jewish people.



Babaji, at evening Darśan

This is Radio Haidakhan with an important announcement; Here is the main news:

Beware of the river, now in spate. Wear appropriate clothing to cover yourselves adequately. Everyone should be mindful of cleanliness, so diseases may not spread. I want that there should be neither pain nor suffering here. People who come here have been through much suffering, so when they suffer here, as well, this is not right. I want diseases and trouble to stay far away from here. If we are afflicted by pain and trouble, what can we achieve?

Here we have the benefit of spiritual healing (jhara treatment); a doctor is available; and there is the sound of Har Govind's trumpet. By its sound, bad vibrations and germs are destroyed. The sound of the bells and conch (shell horn) purify the atmosphere and awaken consciousness. Through the performance here of havan, peace and prosperity are enhanced in the world.

The fact is, the Rishis of the past devised all these things in order to purify the environment.

PHURO! Be inspired! As soon as a man of pure heart hears these sounds, consciousness awakens in him. By these sounds all evil influences are kept away. Evil forces are weakened by them.

Now the season is changing and we therefore need more cleanliness. Summer is taking a step towards winter. The change of climate engenders chemical changes in the body and sicknesses increase. Therefore, take care of your body. As long as your body is in good health, you can serve Prabhuji. When you are sick, how can you serve Prabhuji? It is very important to have good health. When your body is fit, you can do anything - bhajans, japa, yoga. PHURO! In order to do Karma, it is vital to keep your body healthy. So follow these teachings about cleanliness and health and teach others, also.

PHURO! This is an all-encompassing mantra.

Pinda Kacha, Shabda Sacha. The body is perishable; the word is eternal...

19 SEPTEMBER 1983.

Shri Babaji was addressing a group of twenty Westerners who had arrived the night before in a pouring rain

You have come here, making a supreme effort, crossing seas and mountains like Hanuman. The fact is, you made a total effort. Phuro! You have achieved a great task! Your devotion is very deep, there can be no doubt about it. Just as Hanuman showed his profound devotion to Lord Rama, so you, too, have proved your devotion to the Lord.

(Shastriji then said: "Shri Babaji has just whispered a very beautiful Vedic mantra into my ears - 'Aneka Janma Sansiddhaha, Tatoyanti Paramganim'. 'Only he who for many lifetimes practices severe sadhana can attain to the highest abode of God (i.e., liberation)'" Shastriji said that Shri Babaji had given this mantra particularly to the newly arrived devotees.)

Only he can come here in whose life a turning point has come, when the spiritual energy is rising. Only he can come here whose sins have been destroyed. Lord Rama says that only he can come here who has done great penance in his previous lives.

Now there is great turmoil in the world. There is total insecurity with every step. To come here at such a time as this has great significance. Now at every moment man has to face death. No one knows what the next moment will bring. Every moment is full of uncertainty. This is the situation for everyone now.

This is why I am telling you that you are all fortunate to be arriving here during times like this.




For the sake of Lord Rama, the group that came here yesterday worked wholeheartedly today.

Work is Mahayoga, Supreme Yoga. To go astray from the path of Karma is to create trouble for ourselves. Action is the source of all joy. Go on working. Go ahead, making progress. Work until your last breath.

The world is transitory. You will find stability only on the path of Karma Yoga. Only action can take a man to God and give him liberation. The law of Karma is so deep that no words are great enough to describe it. The day Karma stops on this earth will be the day of its dissolution (pralaya).

Brave ones, all of you, continue to work! Through Karma alone will you be able to change the world. It is the only way.

Today the world is playing with fire. We have to be ready to face fire, water and great storms and not be shaken. We have to go beyond the hope of life and the fear of death. Whatever happens, we must go ahead. Then only can we benefit the world. We have to bring the path of Karma into the light. Now the world is in deep darkness. The Revolution spreading in this world can be controlled by Karma alone.

(Babaji then whispered two mantras to Shastriji who repeated them: "Yadatma Dhrishchayaha: He who has control over himself, who is of determined mind, will succeed in life." "Utishchata Jagrata Prapta Varan Nibhoda Yata: Arise! Awake! Go and seek the wise and learn from them.")

You have come here from the four corners of the world. Today you should take a vow to work hard always and to spread the message of Karma wherever you go.



Shri Babaji commented on the marriage in the Ashram that day of two black Americans:

The couple standing before you are Kalbhairav with his two Shaktis. (Another black American lady was standing with them). His wife is Kāli Maya and the other lady - his auntie – is Bhadrakālī.

This marriage has great significance. The rain clouds have been collecting since yesterday to shower their blessings on the couple. The sacred river Gautama Ganga has taken on her fierce, fast-flowing aspect. Both Varuna, the God of rain, and Vayu, the God of wind, as well as many other Gods, have come here to attend the marriage ceremony.

But now we focus not only on the matter of this marriage, but of the whole world. The world now is in a state of turmoil. It is suffering from three kinds of pain - physical, mental, spiritual – and there is only one way of being cured from these. We have to root out inhumanity and replace it with humanity. I have told you before that I do not want differences of caste, creed, color or race. When there is one Humanity only, how can there be different creeds and castes? This is quite unreal.

I think it was like this: some shrewd people invented all the differences in order to divide people, to be able to rule over them. So they created castes, their aim being to divide and rule.

Differences were created for selfish motives. There are people in this world who, when they see someone else's house is burning, are happy. There are people who want to live in comfort at the expense of the labor of others. There is only one God, who created all men in His image. This is why we have to reestablish humanity.

What I want to instill in man is courage. I want to have a creation of courageous people. Only courageous people can come here. Only courageous people can survive such critical times. I have spoken to you many times about the extent of the calamities to come. They will be so terrible that people without courage will die instantly from heart failure. We have to have the courage to face floods, fire and storms. We have to go beyond the fear of death and the hope of life.

I want a creation where there is no dependency of any kind. Everyone should be able to stand on his/her own two feet. The problems of all countries can be solved when everyone becomes hard working. As long as there is laziness in the world, people cannot attain happiness. Today's world leaders have created circumstances which make it difficult even to breath. If you are active and hardworking, then you can do everything yourselves. Materialism is rising like a great storm and we have to face it.

I have told you before that through Karma Yoga alone can you attain liberation. Any material desire you may have can be fulfilled by Karma Yoga, as well. Karma Yoga is Supreme Yoga. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna taught this, too. Not only did they teach it, they also practiced it and were successful in it.

The great battle fought in the Mahabharata was an example of Karma Yoga. The tyrant kings of that time came and fought on the battlefield, where they died fighting bravely - doing their Karma Yoga, and thus attained liberation. This is why Karma Yoga is Supreme. By Karma Yoga, Lord Rama lessened the earth's burden. Those who are lazy, inactive, are a burden to the earth.

So all of you have to go beyond the fear of death and the hope of life and go on doing Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga is the only type of yoga that gives immediate results. Whatever you do in the morning, you can see the results in the evening, standing before you like a picture. The seeds sown in the morning sprout by the evening. The farmer harvests the results of his Karma Yoga after six months. Everyone does Karma naturally, no one can remain without it. We must perform those actions which will benefit others - and not only other people but the whole of Creation.

It is of no use to give birth to millions of sheep. One hard working human being is enough to save the world. We must all become hard working and teach coming generations as well. All other forms of yoga come second only to Karma Yoga because the whole world is maintained by Karma. So practice Karma Yoga and progress. People in the world nowadays have become very cowardly. That is why we have to be courageous, adventurous.


24 SEPTEMBER 1983.

Due to heavy rainfall, roads have been much damaged and communications are difficult. There are no bus services. Postal communications have been interrupted. This breakdown in communications will mean great losses to the country. This is Nature's curse: it is the working out of the law of cause and effect. Because righteousness had decreased, all these calamities come.

The fact is, our radio communication is weak. The sound is very feeble. (Babaji was referring here to His own broadcasting apparatus.) The radio has to be beamed to many places and the transmission is difficult. Radios are not receiving up to their full capacity because today the news has to be broadcast throughout the whole universe. This broadcast is being transmitted to every single being in this Creation - to each one of the 8,400,000 existing species. Due to the fact that the sound waves have to reach every distant corner of the universe, reception is somewhat weak.

Not only is man in danger but every one of the 8,400,000 species as well, and the sound of the radio has to reach every single one of them.

This is where the radio's transmission ends for today.

Sabka Kalyan Ho! May all beings be liberated!


11 OCTOBER 1983.

At the Manda Farm, near Vapi, Gujarat

I wish everyone in this country, as well as all in this world, all the best. Nowadays humanism has been completely killed. Human beings have become like animals. I want to bring back humanism into the soul of every person.

Because of the lack of human spirit, every individual is in tension and fear. I want to relieve everyone from this state.

Ages ago, sages formed the following mantra:

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina
Sarve Santu Niraamayaa
Sarve Bhadraani Pashyantu
Maa Kasbchid Dhukhbhag Bhavet.

May all be happy
May all be free from disease
May all realize what is good
May none be subject to misery.

But in all these Ages, under the guise of bringing peace and happiness, only wars took place - like those in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. These wars only left millions of women and children in grief.

Now I want to bring happiness to every living being by reforming the hearts of all individuals. Only by this process can the dream of the sages who formed the mantra come true. For this purpose, the only path is Karma Yoga. Only Karma Yoga can bring satisfaction and good fruits of action.

With this, happiness will automatically come into the hearts of the people. Hence, all of you should work hard and follow the path of Karma Yoga.