Teachings of Haidakhan Babaji | 7 part


11 APRIL 1983

Shri Mahaprabhuji will not spread the word of this revolution by radio, newspapers, television or even the written word. He will do it simultaneously everywhere through His inner power. Before, many 'lions' took birth for the sake of revolution – Subhash Chandra Bose, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, and in the USA, Abraham Lincoln.* These men were not able to complete their wishes so they have returned to fulfill their tasks. There were certain shortcomings before - before the people did not have a slogan of Power.

Now I have given the slogan 'JAI MAHAMAYA KI JAI' - 'Victory to the Supreme Mother, to the Divine Energy!'

There will be people now with shaven heads and Sikhs with turbans and beards on the world flag. Yogis and yoginis will be there. They will all come on to the world map. The fact is that the problem is universal. I have repeated this many times. It was Shirdi Maulana (Sai Baba of Shirdi in his incarnation as a Muslim emperor 800 years ago) who said that yogis and yoginis will take part in this revolution. The great energies, both known and unknown, which may be activated at any moment will be utilized in this revolution.

The fact is, I have spoken before. I will have to speak again. The fact is, I have to awaken the world from its sleep. The fact is that I, too, will have to come forward for this revolution. The fact is, to do duty, to be dutiful, is what I call Mahayoga. The fact is that at this moment our duty is to help the helpless. The fact is the future kingdom will have no party - it will be a movement and this movement will be worldwide.

The fact is, the person before you with the bulging eyes like the back of a seashell is the one who will come before you time and again. The fact is that he is the head of this movement. The fact is he will go to Assam, Punjab, Iran, Iraq - wherever there is revolution, there he will go. It is difficult to find a more serious man. The fact is that I have said it is a fact.

Baba Hargovind will remain here. He will be in charge of things whenever I go out. He will be working here because I found him to be a true yogi; he has the responsibility for yoga. Lok Nath will have to look after State affairs - he has such beautiful eyes. The fact is that our movement will have its seat at the center of the world. The fact is that today I conclude my speech here.


The fact is you have to be alert twenty-four hours a day. The fact is, I have told you all this before, what you should do, what you should not do. When Mahaprabhuji participates in this work, all means will come to Him; all weapons and armament will automatically be available. Mahaprabhuji does not have to build factories for that, all means will be available at the right time. The fact is, wise people will come to Mahaprabhuji by themselves and those who are not wise will have to be brought here.

The fact is -


(In Hindi, the repetition of "the fact is" - "kai hai ki" - came from the lips of Shri Mahaprabhuji like a mantra. It has been left in the translation, even though the vibrational effect in English is less than in Hindi.)

* Shri Babaji sometimes cites active leaders, including Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, as examples of men of single-mindedness and intensity of purpose, even though motivated by negative aims. He notes that 'their karma yoga shook the world.'

In this context, Tulsidas said:

"As a man driven by passion can think only of possessing women, as a man of avarice is compelled to act for gain of wealth, in like manner the devotee of God should be focused on dedication and service to God."

In Christian religious tradition, Saul is such an example. Through his spiritual conversion, he became Paul on the road to Damascus. With the same intensity as he previously had persecuted Christians, he then sought to convert others to Christianity. The same energy was harnessed to a spiritual aim.

12 APRIL 1983

All of you must bring alertness into your lives. The revolutionary spirit which I want to inspire in the hearts of all of you is for the peace of the world. This revolution takes place for the sake of world peace. This is my sole aim and main task. In the Mahabharata, at the time of Lord Krishna, the same path was followed - as it was at the time of Lord Rama. When unrighteousness prevails in the world this is the only path possible.

All of you must become soldiers. As you see the soldiers (of the Sikh religion) standing here before you, so you too will become soldiers of Hairakhan. You may think that so few people can do nothing but there are millions of people in the world waiting on an impulse from Babaji - they are prepared to offer up their lives. Going beyond fear of death, proceeding with courage, people will give their lives for this revolution. Even the Lord of Death (Yam Raj) is prepared to take part in this revolution. This being so, how can there be doubt about anyone else?

You must make every effort to become alert. Wherever you live, there you must be alert. Babaji will give His Blessings from here but you must be very alert everywhere.


15 APRIL 1983

You should sing devotional music in a way that stirs the soul - it should evoke deep feelings. It should not be a race of rhythm or competition of voices. You should sing with love. Do not sing like you are taking part in a theatrical performance. Only those who know the song should sing. When you make music, it should touch the heart so that it leaves a memory on the mind. Whatever you do should have strength in it.

20 APRIL 1983

At the annual meeting of Haidakhandi Samaj, Shri Shastriji read a speech which Babaji had dictated to him earlier in the day:

"Duties of the Haidakhandi Samaj"

It gives me great pleasure to be addressing the half-yearly meeting of the HAIDAKHANDI SAMAJ. The main purpose of the Samaj is service to humanity. Service to humanity is the best service to God. Our motto is 'work is worship.' It is our duty, as those working within the Samaj, to show the path to those who are in need of help, inspiring them to overcome lethargy which is the cause for inaction in the world, inspiring them to work. Therefore, I first want to root out lethargy in you. In this Yuga, the only way to obtain siddhis, to become really strong, is Karma - action.

Goswami Tulsidas said in his 'Ram Charita Manas': "The Lord Himself created the law of karma - as you sow, so you shall reap." Keeping this basic principle in mind, our main duty should be to spread the message of karma in the world, we ourselves giving an example to all, by practicing it.

Whenever true progress was made in the world, it was due to the hardworking individuals of a particular Age. Today it is our task to go everywhere, from house to house, spreading righteousness, guiding everyone on the path of karma , giving them practical instructions, being ourselves examples. By karma alone can we become prosperous. We have to work to our last breath.

Shastriji's comments to the General Meeting:

The HAIDAKHANDI SAMAJ is, in fact, an ancient association but the continuity of its work was broken with time. With His reappearance, Sri Mahaprabhuji has graced us with re-establishing the Samaj. Not long ago Hairakhan was an inaccessible place but with transport and other facilities now being provided, it has become easy for everyone to come here. Now there is even provision here to feed the hungry, to give the thirsty to drink, to clothe the poor.

We all are eye witnesses to the fact that Sri Mahaprabhuji Himself is the greatest karma yogi. He is continuously present among us, in an effort to teach us karma yoga, directing all the work tirelessly from morning to night without any need or desire for Himself. The astonishing fact of Sri Mahaprabhuji's way of working is that we see people from all parts of the world coming here. We also know that His message is rapidly spreading everywhere - thousands are coming for His Darshan. Other holy men go abroad to spread their teachings - still their work stagnates. Sri Mahaprabhuji has never left this divine center to go to foreign countries, yet the glory of the name of Haidakhandi is spreading to the four corners of the world.

The aim of this meeting is to make us realize fully that, like children of the same father, we must help one another, overcoming jealousy and hatred, and spreading good will among men.

The real miracle of Sri Babaji is that he has transformed this place through His spiritual power alone - there was nothing, now there is a garden in which the river of plenty is flowing. Without external help, solely through the power of His perfect Being, many temples and ashrams have been built in several Indian states, as well as abroad. Within the thirteen years since His appearance, people from all walks of life have come here and received in plenty.

Although the constitution of this association, the Haidakhandi Samaj, and its legal registration took place only three years ago, Babaji's impact on every sphere of life, His message of Truth, Simplicity and Love make it evident that it will not be long before Sri Mahaprabhuji will remove pain and poverty in the world and awaken the consciousness of universal brotherhood, spreading true peace and joy. Sri Mahaprabhuji will transform the world. Having pledged Himself to serve humanity, Sri Mahaprabhuji is immersed in activity. He will unite mankind through the force of His spiritual power and show it a new direction for progress.

To spread education, true knowledge is essential - from it will grow universal love and brotherhood. This is how a new generation of brave and enthusiastic people will grow up, once the helpless have been given support. In Hairakhan, provision has been made for medical service and poor scholars are receiving free education from the ashram funds. Likewise, you should look to the areas of your countries where people are poverty stricken and helpless and then do all you can to raise their standard of living, teaching them cleanliness and high morals. To serve the needy truly and from the heart is true service to God. Sri Babaji has now totally committed Himself to liberate the world.

Dear devotees of Babaji - you who are obeying His orders to the letter, be determined to proceed on this divine path. Awake! Arise! Go and learn from the wise! Become brave karma-yogis of the Lord! So as not to be caught in the whirlpool of the world, where there is little hope of escape, become part of this nucleus of a universal family, the HAIDAKHANDI SAMAJ! Give support to its message and activities!


24 MAY 1983

Our main aim is that there be universal peace. How can we obtain this peace? We can achieve this by eliminating all differences between caste and creed, by eliminating all inhumanity among us. There must be only one caste and one creed-humanity. Become human.

The only religion is humanity. There must be tolerance and forgiveness. It is our duty to set an example for this. Everyone must be human. Everyone must be courageous, facing the difficulties of life with bravery. Save yourselves and others from the adharma (lawlessness) of the world. Cowardly people are like dead people. I want to create a world of brave people who face life as it comes. We want to save the victims of atrocities and bring them out of their troubles. We want to bring peace not only to one country but to the whole world-our aim is universal peace.

All of you must take a vow to go from house to house, from place to place, and help the needy. You have to root out the inaction which is destroying man. Inaction and idleness are the chief obstacles to man's progress. If you learn right action, you can do anything.

Action is mahayoga-the highest yoga. you should progress through action. The political leaders of all countries preach inaction through strikes. You should have nothing to do with this. Man is meant for action.


30 JUNE 1983

I want to tell you that there is no reason for anxiety or dejection. You were born to do karma (work, action), so continue to do karma. Karma is the highest thing in this world. Only through karma can man advance. Lazy, idle people are always in trouble. Karma is supreme.

All of you have worked very hard here. I want to thank you for it. The gardens you have made here with such perseverance are unique. In future times this will be remembered as a historical fact. It is nothing to accomplish such work in places like Delhi or Calcutta, but to create such gardens above the river by conquering nature is a great thing. So you must all continue to make progress.

To others, too, you should give teachings of karma. In this age, you can attain liberation only through karma. In other ages, people have practised many different forms of yoga and sadhana [religious practices], but in this age no other sadhana than karma yoga will give you liberation. Go on working while repeating God's name. You cannot comprehend the high value of karma while repeating God's name.

Man's mind is very fast, faster than the wind. By doing work while repeating God's name, your mind becomes cleansed of thoughts and useless, negative thoughts cannot enter it. To uplift man, for the progress of the whole of humanity, karma is a great sadhana. All of you, therefore, continue to make progress through karma.

5 JULY 1983

Now, you brave ones, be ready for work! Be brave. I like brave people . I dislike cowards. Now people with courage are needed. It is better to die, facing life with courage. To live as a coward is shameful - it is better that the coward drown himself in the river.There is no place for cowards.

Awake! Arise! Be brave! Work and die for the sake of Rama (God). Go, all of you, to work down in the Company Garden. All of you are brave people.

11 JULY 1983

You westerners are all hardworking and sincere. I want to thank you for the way you have been working selflessly, setting an example of an ideal to follow for the whole world. Karma yoga is the highest form of yoga (mahayoga) and any advancement is done through karma alone. Proceed by doing karma. You have worked in a way that has brought together heaven and earth.

Scientific progress, too, has been achieved through karma alone, through hard work. Those who have invented the atom and hydrogen bombs also have worked selflessly, not caring about food, sleep, cold, or heat. Only in this way could they achieve their aims. They, too, were doing yoga.

By karma yoga great things can be achieved. You can bring heaven down to earth. You can change the whole of creation.

You may think that, by just sitting here, how can I change the world? (i.e. how I bring about a change of heart in men?) But I tell you that half of my work I have done by sitting here.

Go on progessing through karma.


(Babaji continued by commenting on the way devotees say the 'Jaikaras')

When you say 'JAI', say it so the earth trembles and the heavens fall down! Don't say it like dead people, reluctantly and without life. You have time to be without life when you are dead. Say the 'jaikara' with love and enthusiasm so that people realize someone is alive around here. While you are alive, be lively, enthusiastic, courageous.

17 JULY 1983

Today is the auspicious day of HARELA* and I want to say to all of you 'Happy Harela'. This applies also to everyone in this country and to people from all other countries, to those present and to those not actually present here. I extend my blessings on this sacred occasion to every devotee of the Lord, wherever he may be. Those physically distant from here should not think they are far away - they are equally close to Me. Though they may be thousands of miles away, they can still reach me by practising devotion.

What everyone should do is spread my message of Karma Yoga throughout the world. I want karma yoga. Karma Yoga has stagnated. I want it to come to the forefront.


*Harela is celebrated annually at the official beginning of the rainy season which coincides with Guru Purnima. The word derives from 'hara' - green. Greenness is synonymous with fertility, abundance, wealth. Ten days prior to the festival five different types of grain are sown in a special container and dedicated to the particular household or local deity.

The festival marks the beginning of a new harvest season (the rice season starts). The festival is celebrated in various ways throughout India as a kind of harvest - thanksgiving. In the Kumaon region, it is also a celebration of the marriage of Shiva and Parvati. The priest cuts the ten-day-old grain. The new grain is first offered to the deity and then put on everyone's head as a gesture of blessing. Special pujas are offered and special dishes are prepared. Traditionally, the women of the household receive presents from their parents.

19 JULY 1983

During Evening Darshan

Shree Babaji commented about the fact that Munirajji has been invited to take part in a spiritual conference in Austria in September, at which the Dalai Lama will be present.

Shree Babaji said:

Munirajji may attend. The Dalai Lama is not greater than Munirajji, Munirajji is the incarnation of Guru Dattatreya*.

He is a Yogi and spiritually very high. Spread this news everywhere among the people.

Soon a world meeting is going to take place here. The date has not been fixed yet, but it will come soon.


*Dattatreya - God's gift to Atri: A divine incarnation of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva in one body, in ancient times. Dattatreya was a great guru and is the author of many sacred scriptures. His teachings are incorporated in the Shirmad Bhagavatam.

28 JULY 1983

At morning darshan. When asked for this month's 'Sandesh' (message), Shri Babaji responded:

Beginning with today, the 'Parthiv Puja' will be performed. This month [the lunar month of Savan, beginning with Guru Purnima] is a beautiful month, dharmic and full of charm. It is the month of abundance of green. Mahaprabhuji blesses you on this day. Let it be a happy day!

All of you should be happy and peaceful. Mahaprabhuji blesses you with happiness and peace.

The main order of Mahaprabhuji is that you must be punctual in all your duties, always. Those who disobey this order cannot stay. If you cannot be punctual, you have no right to be here. Anyone making this grave mistake cannot stay.

You have come here for spiritual growth. Try to make spiritual progress. Spend your time here doing bhajans, meditation, kirtan and service.

The peaceful vibration of Haidakhan must be preserved. Do not disturb the peaceful vibrations of the ashram by wrong actions. Mahaprabhuji is very strict about this. Those who disturb the peace of the ashram must leave.

Those who come to Haidakhan must cooperate in maintaining the harmony of the ashram. They must participate in the aarati and in all the activities.

One form of cooperation you can offer is to help with your financial contributions. There is much work to be done, many plans to be fulfilled. This work Mahaprabhuji does is not for personal gain. It is a universal service. All of you must cooperate and help the ashram in every way you can.