Teachings of Haidakhan Babaji | 8 part


30 JULY 1983

Today you are sitting under the vault of the starry sky. The atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful. You are at the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas, green with the foilage of trees and creepers. The boughs of the trees, covered with many coloured blossoms, are swaying in the breeze. During this time the waters of the Gautama Ganga are fast flowing and strong. We are now in the month of Savan; the significance of this month is mentioned in the sacred scriptures: the air is soft, cool and fragrant.

In this month people should fast and do penance. You should eat only once a day. Spend the maximum amount of time in meditation. The best meditation is to do your duty. To obey orders is real yoga.

When there is an auspicious constellation of the stars in a man's life, then only can he come to a sacred place and meet saintly people. Only in the company of such people can he experience spiritual vibrations and practice the recitation of God's names.

When a man's bad karmas are coming to an end, then he is naturally drawn to a sacred place and the company of good people. On the contrary, when the sins of a man reach a climax, then he is drawn to places of low vibrations and to bad company. His karma does not allow him to remain in a sacred place. This is why every man must walk the path of truth.

Now Daia Shah, the Persian Emperor Darius, is climbing up the stairs, coughing. (Vishnu Datt Shastri came up the stairs from Swamiji's room just then). He comes and sits down in a corner and listens attentively. He, too, is blessed, sitting under the starry vault of the sky. He is sitting in such a dark spot that he cannot see where his own hands are. What may he be thinking? He has reformed Indian culture - Emperor Darius is a great creator and can change what is created at any time. From time to time, a great guide of men who shows the path of truth to others comes into the world. Tulsidas, for example, was such a man and there have been many men who have followed in his footsteps. Shastriji is such a man. He is a true son of Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. It was She who sent him.

And in another corner Pir-Ali (Har Govind) is sitting at the feet of Lord Hanuman with his harmonium. Over him, too, spreads the starry vault of the sky. The waves of the Gautama Ganga are roaring; her waves are flowing to a poetic rhythm. Thousands of people owe their lives to her sacred waters. Bathing in them redeems all from all ailments. This is what Pir-Ali is saying. I don't know what he is brooding on. He is very busy these days with construction work in the ashram. Now there is even sweet and cool spring water from the mountains down to the dhuni. The minds of those who drink it will be cooled. Even the coolness of water-coolers does not compare to it. The existence of this water pipe is due to the efficiency of the fakirs/yogis.

The day will come when the area around the dhuni will become "Fakirabad - Yogi City". In the future, this place will see great progress. You are eye witnesses to the fact that people from all over the world come here without being called. All those who want liberation will certainly come here. This is Emperor Darius' opinion and Pir-Ali is thinking the same.


2 AUGUST 1983

The door and windows of the dhuni building, which houses the new holy seat (asana), have been left open. This means that the sanctuary is open to all, whoever they are, from whichever place they come. It is of vital importance to everyone who comes here and wants to be benefitted spiritually to have darshan of the dhuni. This dhuni is not new, although it has recently been newly housed. It is a most ancient dhuni. Mahaprabhuji did not only make this dhuni with his own hands, he himself supervised and directed every detail of the work.

Shri Mahaprabhuji closed His speech by saying: Without dhuni, no meditation; without guru, no knowledge.


2 AUGUST 1983

Shastriji Speaks

Every particle of this place - Haidakhan Vishwamahadham - has the power to enlighten us. In many religions, the fire is sacred and is the witness of spiritual practice. It is considered divine. In ancient India, the rishis guarded their sacred fire most carefully and kept it clean, as it was believed to be the residence of divinity. Sitting by the dhuni purifies one's vibrations. This you can find out for yourself. Whenever you have any kind of trouble, go to the dhuni and let it give you solace and uplift your spirit.

The fire-pit was first outside, on the terrace; then it was shifted and given a structure around it. This structure was a mud hut, covered with straw. Now it is an enlarged, cemented, brick building. It is a unique dhuni in that it has eight sides for the four directions and four sub-divisions of space. Each of these sides has a divine guard (digpal, bhairava) standing permanently by it with trishul raised. Whatever spiritual practice you do there will bear much fruit. Both the tree growing nearby and the mountain stream flowing by its side seem to have been waiting to protect the place and to give it water.

The day will come when this dhuni will be world famous, for great miracles will be performed here. People from all over the world will come and prostrate to it. As the Shiva temples are open to all who worship God, so also will this dhuni be open. The Gautama Ganga, flowing by its side, is an example to all devotees - as she flows, continuously murmuring the mantra OM NAMAḤ ŚIVĀYA through her waves, so your devotion should flow in one single stream, with the mantra OM NAMAḤ ŚIVĀYA coming forth from it.


3 AUGUST 1983

For the sake of Lord Rama, all of you are sitting here under the sacred pepal tree. This is a most sacred and auspicious tree. Divine beings are living under it and you are all blessed to be sitting under this great, sacred tree. Many years of penance has been done under it (by Shri Mahaprabhuji) since ancient times. On this earth, you should consider yourselves to be most fortunate. Even the gods of heaven long to be in the shade of this tree. In this world and on all the three worlds it is the most sacred tree that exists. According to the world's Sanātana Dharma, the last rites of a man are always performed under a peepul tree. It is considered a living, conscious being. You should daily do bhajans and kirtan here. It has great significance to be singing the praises of the Lord under this tree.

I want to thank you all who are doing efficient work here. I thank you all the more because you are giving new life to Karma Yoga. The credit for giving new life to this form of Yoga goes to you. It was about to die out in this world. In the Kali Yuga, the tamas-guṇa (quality of ignorance and inertia) is three-fourths prevalent, with one fourth of rajas and almost no sattva (goodness and steadiness of mind). The machine is eating up human labour.

The machine is even beginning to eat up human beings. Great professionals, as for example doctors, have been rendered inactive by the machines. And the time will come when doctors will even forget their knowledge altogether and all work will be taken over by machines. Therefore, you should all be practicing karma yoga to attain your life's goal. Karma yoga is maha yoga. It can make a man and it can destroy him. The principle of karma is very great.

Pir-shah's (Hargovind Baba's) Asana (at the dhuni in the Company garden) is about to be completed very soon. There will be kirtan and bhajan performances there. The dhuni will become a great sacred place of the world, where one can attain liberation. The sacred Ganga is flowing nearby and a beautiful spring comes from the mountains right by its side. Those present here should go daily to have darśan of the dhuni and do praṇāma to it. You can go twice daily to attend the āratī there.

All of you are very blessed to be living in the most sacred place in the world. You are giving dedicated service to this place with your body, mind and soul. You should know that you have security here - even at the time of pralaya (dissolution) this place will be safe. This is the boon given to it by Mahaprabhuji - it cannot be destroyed in pralaya.

A new world is being created here. The new creation is beginning here. What you see here are already the beginnings of the new world. Here in Haidakhan the old world has been destroyed. I am teaching you this: THE NEW WORLD BEGINS FROM HERE!

I want you to be happy and in peace.


6 AUGUST 1983

I think the great revolution is very near. Be prepared for it, leaving behind the fear of death and the hope of life. I think it is necessary now that there is a great revolution because without such a revolution there can be no peace. In all epochs it has been like that - only after bloodshed peace was obtained. At the battle of Kurukṣettra, for example, there was great bloodshed.

Like ants out of their holes, people will be seen running out of their houses.

You might be wondering in your minds -'How can Babaji make revolution when he has nothing?' When the time comes, everything will be ready. Hitler was not born with an organised army or weapons ready. Krishna and the Pandavas had nothing in the forest. When Rama fought, he was in exile and had nothing either; but at the right time everything was prepared.

Be ready, every one of you! Wherever you are, spread this message and tell people to be alert and ready for the great revolution coming now.

The messenger of revolution has come!

10 AUGUST 1983

The dhuni down below has living consciousness. In the name of Lord Rama (Rama Ki Jai Nain)*, the Divine light is always present in the dhuni. For the sake of Lord Rama (Ram Ji Ki Tein) everyone should attend Aarati there and do meditation. In the name of Lord Rama, during the night of 16th August there will be all night vigil and kirtan and 108 candles will be lit for the opening ceremony. In the name of Lord Rama, on the morning of the 17th there will be a havan ceremony. In the name of Lord Rama, everyone should always be sincere and attentive to do bhajan and satsang for the attainment of spiritual knowledge and do other spiritual practices at the dhuni.

The dhuni is one of the wonders of the world.

You may see many types of dhunis in the world, such as parsi dhunis, but nowhere else will you find an eight sided dhuni. The eight sides symbolize the eight arms of Jagadamba, the Universal Mother. As long as there is creation, the dhuni will be there with living consciousness. A boon has been given to this dhuni - that whosoever comes to have its darshan, whosoever meditates and does puja there, will be relieved of all ailments, whether physical, mental or spiritual. For the sake of Lord Rama, anyone suffering from whatever disease, if he takes vibhuti (sacred ashes) from the dhuni and sits regularly for meditation and concentration, will be relieved from all his chronic diseases.

In the name of Lord Rama, Rishi-Gautama came first to this place where the dhuni is now. This is why the river bears his name. Vasishta (the guru of Lord Rama - one of the seven rishis from the beginning of creation - and writer of many sacred scriptures) also came here. The Kailash you see before you is the main Kailash. Lord Rama also came here. Now, after thousands of years of creation, this place is in its most degenerated state. There was a time, when there were no hills, no earth here. But, in the name of Lord Rama, now there are both earth and hills. In the name of Lord Rama, even the sea was there. When Lord Rama came with Rishi Vishwamitra to visit Rishi Gautama's ashram, He drank from the spring by the dhuni now called 'Ram Dhara'. For the sake of Lord Rama, goddess Durga with eight arms also came here to bless Rama. This is the place of eight-armed Durga - this is why the dhuni has eight sides.

In the name of Lord Rama, here is sakshat Hari - Lord Vishnu in the name and form (here Babaji pointer to Shastriji). In the name of Lord Rama, he has written the epic of the Mahabharata three times. In the name of Lord Rama, it was he who was both Vashishta (Rama's Guru) and Vyas (writer of all the puranas at the time of Lord Krishna); he has also recomposed Valmiki's Ramayana three times. In the name of Lord Rama, he has been writer of many epics at many different times (epochs).

For the sake of Lord Rama, even Hanuman did not know his own greatness. In the name of Lord Rama, this is maya, the world illusion, the cause of creation. In the name of Lord Rama, it was he (Shastriji) who was Vashishta. In the name of Lord Rama, we are now in the twenty-eight Manvantara (one Manvantara has four yugas) of this kalpa (there are many thousands of Manvantaras in one kalpa). As many as there were Manus (one of each Manvantara), there were Vyāsas (writer of great epics and poetry).

You must not think that the creation was always like what you see now. There have been many total transformations. What once was here has been transported to a far away place. In the name of Lord Rama, seas have changed places and also mountains.

In the name of Lord Rama, Shastriji has been a world teacher and poet at all times. He (Shastriji) attained self- realization through Kakbhushundi (a sage in the shape of a crow, living permanently on a hill top of Himalayas - a devotee of Lord Rama, who forever resides in the Ramayana). He is the original poet-saint of all times. For the sake of Lord Rama, Rama Krishna Shastri ( the Shastri from Ludhiana ) has also been with him at all times - it was he who was Viśvāmitra.

In the name of Lord Rama, even Hanuman did not know his own powers and greatness.