Haidakhan Babaji Teachings

30 JULY 1983 Today you are sitting under the vault of the starry sky. The atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful. You are at the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas, green with the foilage of trees and creepers. The boughs of the trees, covered with many coloured blossoms, are swaying in the breeze. During this time the waters of the Gautama Ganga are fast flowing and

16 AUGUST 1983 (Morning, at the Moksha Dham Dhuni) Today is a very auspicious day. Today is a very happy day, a day of rejoicing. You are all assembled at the foothills of the Himalayas where the sacred river Gautama Ganga flows. On its banks is this beautiful garden. You are standing here by this beautiful natural spot of overhanging rock covered with abundant green.

31 AUGUST 1983 Evening, before a playlet depicting incidents from Lord Krishna's life) Today is the very auspicious festival of "Janmashtami" - the birthday of Lord Krishna. I have only one request to make of you all - the inhabitants of this area. Just as you have come today to attend this festival, I wish to have the pleasure of your company for other festivals,

19 OCTOBER 1983 You must intensify your courage and enthusiasm. I want all work to be done punctually - on time. Whatever work you do, do it with a sense of duty. I do not need more work to be done but I want work done with concentration, efficiently and expeditiously. Everyone must do his or her work here as his or her own work.

23 NOVEMBER 1983. The fact is, a great fire of sins and sorrows is burning throughout the world. Everyone living walks and works through this fire. People have become disheartened; Death is dancing before everyone's eyes; everyone has this experience. Those who are present here, from whatever place they come, live here in unity, as one - and so must you live in your won

8 JANUARY 1984. (Amar Singh Yadav - speaking for and prompted by Shri Babaji) The time of great difficulty is coming. Only those will be saved whom Shri Babaji wants saved. They will be saved by His Grace - no medicine, no guns, no jhara will work unless Shri Babaji wants the person saved. This is how Babaji will accomplish His Work. In every place,